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The DP Council

The Diplomatic Pouch has undergone some major changes over its history. Originally developed as a Web magazine published five times a year and maintained by one person alone, by its fifth issue it had grown into something quite different: The Pouch is now the Web site for and about Diplomacy. As The Pouch grew, so did the number of people needed to maintain the site.

We are the DP Council, the caretakers of The Diplomatic Pouch:

Manus Hand ([email protected])
Our fearless leader, founder of all things Pouch-related, and all-powerful overseer thereof. Thanks to the efforts of everyone listed below, now concentrates on and running the DPjudge section of The Pouch.

Edi Birsan ([email protected])
Our leader as Manus takes a break for work and family. Everybody jumps since he took charge! Well, almost everybody. He is working hard to restore the greatness that is the Pouch.

Randy Lawrence ([email protected])
Scott Webster ([email protected])
Editors of The Zine,

Stephen Agar ([email protected])
Bill Blackmer ([email protected])
Maintains the Online Resources section.

Matt Chirchill Shields ([email protected])
David Norman ([email protected])
Maintain the Face-to-Face section.

Millis Miller ([email protected])
Handler of incoming mail and the Openings List. Also provides and maintains the server.

Nathan Barnes ([email protected])
Maintains the Showcase section.

Jim Burgess ([email protected])
Maintains the Postal section.

Chris Babcock ([email protected])
Dorian Love ([email protected])
Maintains the Email section.

Ex officio:
Stephen Beaulieu
Thaddeus Black
Ry4an Brase
Andy Bouffard
John Coffin
Hans de Graaff
Eric Goodman
Tim Haffey
Edward Hawthorne
Doug Massey
Jamie McQuinn
Ted Miller
Tim Richardson
Matt Self
Simon Szykman

Most Council members contribute regularly to The Zine and share responsibilities for making sure the entire site is well-managed and attractive. Many heads are much better than one, but we can still use help. We're constantly looking for qualified and dedicated individuals to help out. If you are interested in helping us, contact the Councillor nearest you.

We hope that you enjoy The Diplomatic Pouch. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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The Diplomatic Pouch, as you just found out, is brought to you by the DP Council.