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Judge Registration Form

Use this form to register as a potential player with any of the Internet Diplomacy judges. There is no charge for registering or playing. No salesman will call. Nobody will add you to any junk mail list. There are no strings at all. This is the way the whole world should work.

The judges listed below are the "Ken Lowe" e-mail-based judges.
To register with the DPjudges (USDP and UKDP) -- The Diplomatic Pouch's own Web-and-e-mail based judge --
head for The Diplomatic Pouch Player Database (DPPD).
Once registered there, you will be able to use the DPjudges.

Judgekeepers: Please e-mail The Pouch with updates (new or terminated judges, and so on).

(If your browser does not support forms, you can get a text registration form and instructions on how to register.)

Warning: All information submitted must be correct, including your name, address, phone number and e-mail (if you want to lie about your age, that's okay). If you want to withhold some information, please feel free to only put your city and state, or put xxxx on the last part of your phone number. Any information you put here will be available to members of the Diplomacy community. That being said, fake information is becoming a headache to judgekeepers and some of them are considering a policy of deleting bogus registrations without warning. The registration databases are not used for any sort of marketing purposes and they are not given or sold to anyone. Valid registrations are required for playing Diplomacy via the judges.

Name: (First and Last, Please)
E-mail Address: (supply full address, including domain)
NOTE: Please double-check your e-mail address! Some people using this service have been mistyping their e-mail address, and so we have implemented a confirmation scheme. After you submit this form, a confirmation code will be e-mailed to the address you specify, and this code must be brought back and used to complete your registration.
In this way, your e-mail address is guaranteed to be correct, and you (and your e-mail provider) can and will be contacted if, for example, you are one of the few who enjoy pointless hooliganism and who enter bogus information in the rest of your registration, as if it was some kind of joke.
Phone Number: (You may use zeros for the last four digits to protect your privacy.)
Site: (e.g., Your company name or university - Where are you most likely to know a Diplomacy player?)
Postal Address: (City and State or equivalent)
Timezone: (e.g., Eastern)
Birthdate: (Format is Jan 1, 1901) Enter the year as 19XX if you are shy about your age. If you are under 18, pretend to be shy; Do not enter a high school for site.
Need Help: (to receive a set of introductory help files by e-mail)
Select the judge with which you want to register:
(one judge at a time -- you may return to this page to register with
multiple judges, but the judgekeepers have requested this limitation)
Note: To register to use the DPjudges (USDP and UKDP)
-- The Diplomatic Pouch's own Web- and e-mail-based judge system --
go instead to The Diplomatic Pouch Player Database.
CLDR ([email protected]) [Mainly Spainish/Portuguese]
DE66 ([email protected]) [Limited games only]
DEAC ([email protected])
DEDO ([email protected])
DEUS ([email protected])
FROG ([email protected])
ILGT ([email protected])
JPAH ([email protected])
NLDN ([email protected]) [Mainly Dutch/Afrikaans]
NZMB ([email protected])
PTLX ([email protected]) [Mainly Portuguese]
RSGN ([email protected])
RUSS ([email protected]) [mostly for games in Russian]
UKYS ([email protected])
USAK ([email protected]) [New games always forming]
USAL ([email protected])
USAZ ([email protected])
USDD ([email protected]) [reserved for Diplomacy Direct members]
USOS ([email protected])
USTR ([email protected]) [variant test judge]
USTT ([email protected]) [2nd Machiavalli test judge]
USTV ([email protected]) [variant test judge]
USVG ([email protected]) [reserved for Vermont Group members]
USVJ ([email protected]) [variants judge]
USTP ([email protected]) [Machivalli variants judge]

Reminder: This registration page is only for the "Ken Lowe" (e-mail-only) judges.
To register to use the DPjudges (USDP and UKDP)
-- The Diplomatic Pouch's Web- and e-mail based judge system --
go instead to The Diplomatic Pouch Player Database.


(Be a bit patient after submitting the form.
It could take a few seconds to process your information.)

Thanks to Hans de Graaff for inspiring us to create this page
and to Kevin Roust for suggesting the confirmation code scheme.

Email Website admin here

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