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Britain's End of Game Statement

The Early Years
I started by capturing the natural british centers of Morroco (which in my opinion is spelled wrong, should be Morocco :) ), Norway, Belgium and Ireland. At the same time I lost Gibraltar to the Spanish, which was no big surprise. In the year 1996 I also lost Morocco after which I was solely a northern european power.

Being Britain and fairly safe on my islands I planned to wait for an opening before choosing who to attack first. The alternatives were Spain, Germany and Russia. Germany was by far the most lucrative of them all having all those nice coastal centers in the lowlands and Scandinavia. Spain was already hostile and had defences against me, so attacking him would have been complicated. Russia was a bit far away in the east and had only two centers I really could have taken from him: Sweden and Murmansk.

I attacked Germany in fall of 1997 and took first Holland and the next year Sweden from him. In 1999 Germany went CD and capturing rest of him became relatively easy. The only problem was to get enough armies quickly enough to capture his inland centers before anyone else could do the same.

The 21st Century
By that time Italy had grown to be 14 centers before no one really took notice. I was happy to see Turkey and Egypt to quit fighting each other for a while and push Italians back from the eastern Med and Egypt. France and Spain also reorganized their defences. I decided the best thing I could do was to leave those two alone. Spain could easily block Italy from getting to Atlantic and France was doing a good job keeping him away from northern France and the lowlands.

I decided to secure the northern waters for my personal use. To achieve that I needed to capture Gdansk and see that Russia didn't survive with Murmansk or StP. After that it was fairly simple to build a stalemate line on Baltic and Finland. That would make it about 95% certain that I would at least survive the game, if not win it all alone.

The next goal was to keep Italy from growing anymore. I sent loads of armies to southern Germany and northern France and kept pushing against Italian troops in Switzerland and France. I captured Lyon and Switzerland before it was time to stab France and take Paris and Bordeaux from him.

It became impossible to get any further than that. Spain made some mistakes in the Med that allowed Italy to gain control of the sea areas between Iberia and Apenninia. His fleets on Gulf of Lyon and Ligurian Sea were able to secure him Marseilles. Poland on the other hand was growing rapidly at the expense of Ukranian mistakes. Should him and Italy choose to work together, I might have had a bit of difficulties in Central Europe. I had to reinforce my line of defence there and I needed more armies for that. It was time to stab Spain.

The End Game
My only chance in solo victory was in speedy advance to the Med and then capturing Italy's homeland. Naturally, I failed in that. Maybe I should have stabbed Spain earlier, when he was in good positions in the Mid Med and his back was wide open to me, and when Egypt was still fighting Turkey. Maybe my stab was poorly executed. In any case, I got jammed in Spain, Italy put a plug on Gibraltar and Egypt took Mid Med into his control before I had Madrid. That sealed the game and it became just a task of finishing off Spain and Italy before we could declare a three way draw.

End Comments
It was an interesting game. The map was new to me so finding stalemate lines and inbreakable defences took some time and planning. NMR-rule maybe took something out of the game, but on the other hand, we probably would still be waiting for a replacement Germany in 1999 if it weren't for that rule. It was nice to have this game proceed speedily.

I think Poland did an excellent job surviving the first few years under Russian attack and finally killing him pretty much all by himself. Also, Ukraine died amazingly quickly. I think he went from 7 centers down to 4 in one year and lost the rest within two years. Maybe some poor play on his behalf but also some good moves by the polish.

Egypt also did a fairly good job at finally killing Turkey and putting up a stalemate line against Poland. I was hoping for him to take the easy centers and attack Italy so that I could have an easier access to Med, but of course he would not do such a mistake. Too bad... :)

Congrats to both of you for a game well played and thanks to Vince for setting up the game and keeping it running smoothly.

Mikko ([email protected])
Britain in Blitzz

Russia's End of Game Statement

Unfortunatly I am writing this now and not at way back when, when I was eliminated, so my details are a bit sketchy but here are a few thoughts.

I joined in shortly after Poland began her attack on me, and shortly there after was NMR'd when the judge processed a phase early. In that phase Poland managed to completly out flank me, and her superior play spelled my doom soon afterward.

Watching the rest of the moves play out was very interesting, the way you guys played was impressive. Congratualtions.

On the settings, I liked them alot. They created a quick and fun game.

[email protected]

Poland's End of Game Statement

Opening Comments
This was my first PBeM diplomacy game that I played from start to finish. And perhaps only my 15th game total in my life time. It was my first modern game ever and was totally unfamiliar with the map. I was dismayed at first when I was selected as Poland. I thought an early death for sure!

The Early Years
Early on Germany and Poland stayed away from each other which helped a lot. Britain attacking Germany and pressuring him so well help out as well. The Ukrainians were preoccupied with the Balkan region and harrassing the Turkish. So it left only the Russians to contend with. I concentrated on armies planning on gaining fleets after I secured my borders on the mainland.

All of my troops were occupied by Russia, when Germany went CD and Britain started swarming on the mainland. If I tried to get some of the easy picking SC's I'd leave a vacuum behind for Russia to take advantage of. Italy was huge compared to everyone else and started comming up the mainland to meet the british. I needed a naval power to assist me in the south and occupy the British, and was happy to see the Italiens working with me.

The Middle Years
Russia made some mistakes, and I had crippled him to the point it was just push him around mode. Mainly because the Ukrainians were still occupied by harrassing the Turkish. The British made their move and Russia was quickly eliminated. I needed to build fleets fast or my ports would soon be closed to me. That was when the Ukrainians changed tactics and started a run for the Russia SC's

I got miffed at that because I felt it enabled the British to seal my port and lock me out. I was thankful that the British didn't push the attack; I couldn't survive an attack from a coordinated Ukraine and Britain. Instead Britian setup a stalemate line that I couldn't break through, so I concentrated solely on eliminating Ukraine for causing me such a loss.

I was surprised at how fast he crumbled. I was still allied with the Italiens and trying to get my armies up against the British to break through the stalemate line he had put up.

I had two concerns at this point. The need to break the British line in coordination with Italy. And the need to seal my southern borders from Turkey.

I knew I couldn't hold any of the coastal SC in the Med with out fleets but I could control the Black sea.

Unfortunatly Italy wasn't cooperating as I thought he would. He must have seen me more as a competitor instead of an Ally against Britain and started hitting my SC's. I didn't know how to read Italy at all. So I continued my movement to the South taking over the Turkish lands.

I stopped in Iran hoping to share Turkey with Egypt. I still needed to get Istanbul and bulgaria which were proving difficult.

For too long I kept supporting Egypt into Adana and trying to push my army from Ankara to Istanbul. He never got the message, I think I should have just continued to press on south, and allow Italy to grow again. The alliance between Spain and Britain was frustrating, mainly because Britain kept growing and Spain stayed the same, yet Spain never altered course.

Italy never coordinated with me to break through the British line and Britian was sending more troops to Central Europe to make the line impenatrable. The only way I could get Gdansk back was to come up through Switzland and move north.

The End Game
Egypt never worked towards the line I wanted and continued to attack me. Then Britain timely stabbed Spain and took the SC almost at the same time Italy went into CD. I was dimayed to see Egypt continue to attack me instead of rushing to seal the Med from a British invasion. I took over parts of Italy that were up against the British line. Britian had enough armies to contiue the stalemate line in Central Europe so I made little head way their. I had an opportunity once, but missed it. I think Britain saw what I was trying to do because as I was positioning my units, he moved an Army into Picardy and to the front line to reinforce just in time. The opportunity vanished. All I could do now as watch and See if Egypt could get over in time to stop the British.

The Italians came back and slowed the British just enough to allow the Egyptians to get there and enable the draw.

End Comments
I enjoyed the game and learned how important it is to maintain a defended fleet with an open port. I was lucky to get as large as I did.

The NMR aspect kept the game going, which I enjoyed immensly, but the deadlines were probably too fast for a NMR game. Going CD should be another whole day or maybe two. The penalty is just too steep.

I also learned to never leave your border unguarded to an ally. He may go CD and then someone else take him over and not be so friendly. I think that was what happened with Ukraine early on.

I learned a lot from watching how the British played. It was easy to figure out his intentions, I wish he had been an ally instead of an adversary.

Britian seemed to understand the stalemate line and didn't waste his time or units trying to push further.

I didn't get the impression the Italy understood this concept of a stalemate line. I'd reach point of expansion where it didn't make sense to go further, because I would only be pushed back. And I wanted to push against the Britains not Italy. He never seemed to think about what my desires and concerns might be.

Ukraine did that with Bielorussia a couple of times. I owned it in the Fall and he would take it in the spring. I easily pushed him back out every fall, all the while moving my units around to take advantage of this yo-yo effect Bielorussia has.

With Italy CD and Egypt contesting the line I wanted, I felt that I should have just continued my rush straight down into Egyptian territory. Before Italy went CD though I felt that having Egypt as an ally would be better, but he never got that message.

It was very frustrating.

It was said that "Egypt also did a fairly good job at finally killing Turkey and putting up a stalemate line against Poland." I disagree; he made quite a few mistakes, but I didn't take advantage of them, because I wanted him to go west along Africa to stop up the British entrance into the med.

I hesitated so many times, thinking will he get the message yet? that I blew my opportunity.

Thanks to Vince for keeping the game going and setting it up. Congratulations to Britain and Egypt for a game well played.

Joe Carl ([email protected])
Poland in Blitzz

Egypt's End of Game Statement

As most of you don't know I started this game out as Spain. So I will begin my talk about that.

Spain's main purpose was to remove Britian from the Iberian Pen and form a strong hold against Britain and Italy. Well that was until France made a move towards me. So I was grateful that Britian decided it was OK t hat I had booted him out of my area and was going to let me focus on Italy and France.

France was my first concern, but I handled holding her off very easily by blocking up Nav and Bar. Then came time to take out Italy.

Mid Game
I worked very carefull in planning my way around Italy. I slowly took ALg, Wmed and GOL from him. At this time Britain was leaving me alone but I was getting worried about my back door. He could have walked in at anytime but I figured that since I was keeping Italy busy and he was fighting in Northern Europe that he won't want a 2 front war.

This is where Britain so nicely refered to Spains mistakes. What happened was I left town thinking, I could connect up with my laptop but the hotel I was in didn't allow long distance phone calls.(That's what I get for staying in Arizona.) Anyway, I went CD and someone else kindly took over my spot , and in doing so decided it was more important to remove the LONE Egyptian Army in Mor then to push forward into Italy.

So this brings us to when I took over Egypt. She was down to 5 units with Poland advancing . Italy was not attacking becuase he was working on Spain. So this gave me the chance to rebuild my defense against Poland. I decided that a good spot to put up a Stalemate line was the ANK, ADA IRQ line. So I worked slowly trying to remove Poland and it did help that he was trying to get a similiar line but there was now way I was going to give up IST.

End of Game
Poland and I finally reached our Stalemate line and it was time to help Italy hold off England. However Italy was becoming weak by the advancing Polish so I decided I needed to take as many SC's from Italy as possible. With my last big push into the ALG, Wmed and GOL area, I knew there was only one thing left to do and that was finish off Italy and call it a draw. I knew England wasn't a risky player so I decided to go for Mor before England could take it.
I really enjoyed playing the game. It was nice for a change to have to use pure strategy instead of wasting time talking with people. I have never played a NO PRESS game, but I would be very interested in playing another one of this same variant.

I would like to wish congrats to England and Poland for there Outstanding Game play. Both of you are very honorable players and I would enjoy playing with you again.

Master, how about another game, but this time give 24hrs before going CD?

-Leader of the Nile!

Summary of game 'blitzz' through F2017B

  Master:        Vincent Mous                  [email protected]
  Britain:       Mikko Laitinen 
               [email protected],[email protected]
  Egypt:         Robert Shepard 
               [email protected]
   from F2005M:  Matt Lovell                   [email protected]
   from F2008B:  Erik Stensland                [email protected]
  France:        Michael Artz                  [email protected]
  Germany:       Doug Gray                     [email protected]
   from S2000R:  Bill Walker                   [email protected]
  Italy:         Steven Randall                [email protected]
   from F2013B:  Mark Kennedy                  [email protected]
  Poland:        Joseph W. Carl Jr             [email protected]
  Russia:        Craig Thomson                 [email protected]
   from F1997B:  Simon Hastings James Withers  [email protected]
  Spain:         Erik Stensland                [email protected]
   from F2007M:  Nuno Garoupa                  [email protected]
   from F2011M:  Stewart Alexander             [email protected]
  Turkey:        Shlomi Yaakobovich            [email protected]
   from S2003R:  Peter Morzinski               [email protected]
   from S2010R:  Daniel Hannigan 
              [email protected]
  Ukraine:       Oren Phipps                   [email protected]

Game parameters are/were as follows:
  Move    clock   -1 min  0.00 next  12.00 grace  12.00 delay 0.10 days 
  Retreat clock   -1 min  0.00 next  12.00 grace  12.00 delay 0.10 days 
  Adjust  clock   -1 min  0.00 next  12.00 grace  12.00 delay 0.10 days 
  Access:  Different-site, Level: Any, Moderated, Dedication: -100.
  Variant: Modern, Gunboat.
  Flags:   NMR, NoProxy, DIAS.
  Press:   None (except to Master).
  Winning Centers: 33.
  Index:   143
  Judge: USEF.

Game Started: Tue Jan  2 03:54:41 1996
Draw declared: Mon Mar 18 02:29:30 1996

The game was declared a draw between Poland, Egypt and Britain.

  This is meant to be a very-fast game with moves processing at most
every 24 hours no matter what. I will not give any extensions, and
there will be no waiting for positions that are abandoned to be
filled. Expect to go NMR once or twice as you miss a deadline and
grace, but just get back in the game as your opponents will surely
miss one or two as well.

  For those who don't know the modern variant, send the following to
the judge:

get info.modern
get map.modern
get modern.ps

 Have fun!


Historical Supply Center Summary
    Mor Nap Mil Cro Gre Ist Ank Isr Ale Lib Irn Kha Kie Rum Aus Kra Gda Bie
Year  Tun Rom Ven Ser Bul Izm Ada Cai Asw Sau Geo Sev Ode Hun Cze War Lit Mos
1994 . . I I I I . . . . T T T T . E E E . . . . U U U U . . . . P P P . . R
1995 B I I I I I I I T T T T T T E T E E E E T R U U U U U I . . R P P P P R
1996 S I I I I I I I T T T T T T E E E E I E T R U U U U U I I . P P P P P R
1997 S I I I I I I I I T T T T E E E E E I T T R U U U U U I I . P P P P P R
1998 S I I I I I I I T I T T U T E I E E I E T U U U U U U I G P P P P P P P
1999 S S I I I I I I T T T T T T E E E I E E T U U U U U U I I P P P P P P P
2000 S I T F I I I I T T T T T T E E E E I E T U U U U U U I G P P P P P U P
2001 S I I F I F I T T T T T T T E E E E E E T U U U U U U I I P P P P P P P
2002 S S I I I I I I T T T T T T E E E E E E E U U U U U U P I P P P P B P P
2003 S S I I I I I I T T T T T E E E E E E E T U U P U U U U I P P P B B P P
2004 S S I I I I I I T T T T T T E E E E E E T U P U P P U I I P P P B B P P
2005 S S I I I I I I T T T T T T E E E E E E T U P P P P U I I P P P B B P P
2006 E S I I I I I I T I T T T E E E E E S T T U P P P P I P I P P P B B P P
2007 E S I I I I I I T T T T T T E E E E S E E P P P P P P I I P P P B B P P
2008 S I I I I I I I T T T E P T E E E E S E P P P P P P P I I P P P B B P P
2009 S I I I I I I I I T E E P P E E E E E E P P P P P P P I I P P P B B P P
2010 S I I I I I I I I I E E P P E E E E E E P P P P P P P I P P P P B B P P
2011 S I I I I I P I I I E E P E E E E E E E P P P P P P P I P P P P B B P P
2012 I I I I I I I P I I E E P E E E E E E E P P P P P P P I P P P P B B P P
2013 I I I I I I P P E P E E E P E E E E E E P P P P P P P P P P P P B B P P
2014 I I I I I P P P E P E E E E E E E E E E P P P P P P P P P P P P B B P P
2015 I E E I P P P P E P E E E E E E E E E E P P P P P P P P P P P P B B P P
2016 I E E E P P P P E P E E E E E E E E E E P P P P P P P P P P P P B B P P
2017 E E E E P P P P E P E E E E E E E E E E P P P P P P P P P P P P B B P P

Historical Supply Center Summary (cont)
    Gor Stp Nor Swe Ber Mun Bel Mon Lyo Bor Liv Lon Sve Mad
Year  Ros Mur Den Ham Fra Hol Swi Mar Par Ire Edi Gib Bar Por
1994 R R R R . . . G G G G . . . . F F F F . B B B B S S S .
1995 R R R R B G G G G G G G B F F F F F F B B B B S S S S S
1996 R U R R B G R G G G G G B F F F F F F B B B B S S S S S
1997 R U P R B G G G G G G B B G F I F F F B B B B S S S S S
1998 R U R R B G B G G G G B B I I I F F F B B B B S S S S S
1999 R U P R B B B B P G G B B I I I F F F B B B B S S S S S
2000 P U P R B B B B B G I B B I I I I F F B B B B S S S S S
2001 P U P P B B B B B G I B B G I I I F F B B B B S S S S S
2002 P U P P B B B B B G I B B G I I I F B B B B B S S S S S
2003 P U P B B B B B B B B B B I I I I F B B B B B S S S S S
2004 P U P B B B B B B B B B B I I I I B B B B B B S S S S S
2005 P U P B B B B B P B I B B I I I B B B B B B B S S S S S
2006 P P P B B B B B B B I B B B I I B B B B B B B S S S S S
2007 P P P B B B B B B B B B B I I I B B B B B B B S S S S S
2008 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B I I B B B B B B B S S S S S
2009 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B I I B B B B B B B S S S S S
2010 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B I I B B B B B B B S S S S S
2011 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B I I B B B B B B B S S S S B
2012 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B I I B B B B B B B S S S S B
2013 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B I I B B B B B B B S S B S B
2014 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B I I B B B B B B B S B B S B
2015 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B I B B
2016 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B
2017 P P P B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B B

History of Supply Center Counts
Power    1994 '95 '96 '97 '98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03   Player
Britain     4   7   6   7   8  10  11  11  13  17*  Mikko Laitinen
Egypt       3   5   5   5   4   5*  5   6   7   7   Robert Shepard
France      4   6   6   4   3   3   3   4*  1   1   Michael Artz
Germany     4   7   6   7   6   2 \                 Doug Gray
                                    2   2   2       Bill Walker
Italy       4   8  10  12  14  12  12  10  11  11   Steven Randall
Poland      3   4   5   6   7   9   8  10* 10&  8   Joseph W. Carl Jr
Russia      5   7   6   4 \                         Craig Thomson
                            3   2   1               Simon Hastings James 
Spain       3   5   6   6   6   7   6   6   7   7   Erik Stensland
Turkey      4   8   7   6   5   7   8   8   6 \     Shlomi Yaakobovich
                                                6   Peter Morzinski
Ukraine     4   5   6   6   8   7   8   7   7   7   Oren Phipps
Index:     14  40  41  44  50  51  53  52  57  65

Power    2004 '05 '06 '07 '08 '09 '10 '11 '12 '13   Player
Britain    18  17  19  19  20  20  20  21  21  22   Mikko Laitinen
Egypt       6 \                                     Robert Shepard
                6   6   7   6 \                     Matt Lovell
                                8   8   9   9  10   Erik Stensland
Italy      12  12  12  11  11  12  12  11  12   8   Steven Randall
Poland     10  12  13  14* 16* 17  18  18  18  21*  Joseph W. Carl Jr
Spain       7   7   7 \                             Erik Stensland
                        7   7   6   6 \             Nuno Garoupa
                                        5   4   3   Stewart Alexander
Turkey      7   7   6   6   4   1 \                 Peter Morzinski
                                                    Daniel Hannigan
Ukraine     4   3   1                               Oren Phipps
Index:     71  72  79  81  87  93  96  99 100 109

Power    2014 '15 '16 '17                           Player
Britain    23  26  27  27                           Mikko Laitinen
Egypt      11  13  14  15*                          Erik Stensland
Italy       7*  3   1                               Mark Kennedy
Poland     21  22  22  22                           Joseph W. Carl Jr
Spain       2 \                                     Stewart Alexander

Index:    114 133 141 143

* = 1 unused build.
& = 2 unused builds.

Index is the sum of squares of the number of supply centers divided by the
number of players.  It is a measure of how far the game has progressed.

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