Machiavelli - State of the Art of the State

Bruce Duewer

Machiavelli is one of my favorite variants, and my favorite that is supported both by the Ken Lowe Internet judges and is in print. That I happen to be relatively good at it as well is a bonus. I've gotten a lot more requests lately for information regarding certain oddities in the current state of the Machaivelli implementation of the judge than I have in a while. Apparently, we've got a lot of new players (a very good thing) and they are justifiably annoyed when they run into places where things happen differently than they expect. Thus, in this first article on Machiavelli (yes Manus, that's a promise that this will be a short series) I will ignore various pleas for a strategy guide, first trying to make sure everyone can go into games with a relatively even playing field. This article is my attempt to address three burning questions in the hearts of most Judge Machiavelli newbies and many GMs:

Section I: The Rules

The Judge implementation of Machiavelli is based on the original release, rather than on the more recent Avalon Hill re-release. Thus, when playing on the judge, the first principle to remember is to ignore the new release, or you will get very confused.

There are actively used sources of knowledge about what the rules are. They are: