Fleet Rome -- Two Eliminations In 1901?

"All the reasons that led us to conclude that Russia, Turkey, and England were proof against first-year elimination apply to Fleet Rome as well as to Standard Diplomacy; but how about Italy? Can Italy be eliminated in 1901 in Fleet Rome?

"In answering this, we observe as before that Fall convoys must occur into both Rome and Naples. The fleet that begins at Naples cannot, then, participate in the convoy into Rome, since its services will be required to convoy an (Austrian) army into Naples. But no foreign army in the Spring can reach a land province adjacent to the Tyrrhenian Sea -- the only ocean province the fleet from Rome can reach -- so no convoy into Rome is possible, and Italy still cannot be eliminated.

"All the reasons I gave earlier still hold, as to why no two of France, Germany, and Austria can be eliminated.

"So we see that even in the Fleet Rome variant, no two powers can be eliminated in the first year."

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