The Chromatic Variant

Last revised: January 27, 1994

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V2.0 JimmY Millington, Robs Schone and Lynsey Smith
Five Different Coloured Powers vie for control of the Rainbow Coloured
Map based upon Romans V1.0 until I can draw up a new one.
All provinces and sea spaces have been renamed, in tune with the multihued
nature of the game.
Take a Romans Map, and convert province names as follows:
Chromatic              |P|Abbr                                      |Romans
Alabaster,              L ala alab                                   NAP3
Aquatic Sea,            w aqu aqua aquatic                           ION1
Azure,                  l azu azur                                   TUS5
Sea of Butter,          w but butter sob                             ION5
Bronze,                 x bro bron bronz                             TUN2
Carnation Sea,          w car carn carnat carnation                  TYS4
Cerulean,               l cer cerul cerrulean cerrullean cerullean   APU5
Chalk,                  l cha chal                                   TUS3
Sea of Cherries,        w che cherries cherry soh                    ADR4
Coal,                   l coa                                        APU2
Cobalt,                 B cob cobal cobolt cobol co                  VEN5
Cold,                   l col                                        PIE5
Crimson,                R cri crim                                   ROM4
Crystal,                x cry xta xtal                               SWI
Sea of Cyan,            w cya cyan cyanide cyanic                    TYS1
Ebony,                  D ebo ebon                                   ROM2
Bay of Emeralds,        w eme emer emerald emeralds boe bayofe       GOL1
Fire Engine,            l fir eng fire engine fireengine             TUS1
Forest Sea,             w for fore forest                            ADR1
Garnet,                 x gar garn                                   TUN4
Ghost,                  L gho ghostbusters                           VEN3
Gold,                   Y gol au                                     ROM1
Gulf of Hazel,          w haz hazel hazelnuts goh gulfofh            GOL2
Hot,                    l hot                                        PIE4
Sea of Ice,             w ice iceland iceberg soi h2o                ION3
Indigo Sea,             w ind indigo                                 TYS5
Ink,                    l ink inkwell inkjet                         PIE2
Ivory,                  L ivo ivor                                   ROM3
Jet,                    D jet 747 jumbojet                           NAP2
Sea of Lava,            w lav lava sol                               ION4
Sea of Lead,            w lea lead sop pb                            TYS3
Lemon,                  l lem lemo                                   APU1
Magenta,                x mag mage                                   TUN5
Malachite,              x mal malac malach                           TUN1
Maroon,                 l mar                                        APU5
Gulf of Mauve,          w mau mauve gom                              GOL5
Sea of Mercury,         w mer merc mercury mercedes som hg           ADR3
Sea of Night,           w nig night knight son                       ION2
Obsidian,               D obs obsid                                  VEN2
Paper,                  l pap                                        PIE3
Gulf of Platinum,       w pla plat platinum gop gulfofp pl           GOL3
Raven,                  l rav rave crow                              TUS2
Bay of Roses,           w ros rose roses bor bayofr                  GOL4
Royal,                  B roy ryl                                    ROM5
Ruby,                   R rub                                        VEN4
Saffron,                l saf saff                                   PIE1
Sapphire,               B sap sapp saph saphire                      NAP5
Sepiatic Sea,           w sep sepia                                  ADR2
Silver,                 x sil sliver ag                              TUN3
Snow,                   l sno                                        APU3
Sulphur,                l sul sulfur                                 TUS1
Sunshine,               Y sun sunday                                 VEN1
Topaz,                  Y top                                        NAP1
Sea of Umber,           w umb umber sou cucumber umberhulk           TYS2
Vermillion,             R ver verm vermin                            NAP4
Violet Sea,             w vio violet                                 ADR5
All the Numbers get removed, and so the game isn't influenced by who should own
what tunis, and by the fact that the numbers are there at all!
Blue:     Cobalt, Royal, Sapphire
Dark:     Obsidian, Ebony, Jet
Light:    Ghost, Ivory, Alabaster
Red:      Ruby, Crimson, Vermillion
Yellow:   Sunshine, Gold, Topaz
Unowned:  Malachite, Bronze, Silver, Garnet, Magenta, Crystal
Blue:     Army Cobalt, Army Royal, Fleet Sapphire
Dark:     Army Obsidian, Army Ebony, Fleet Jet
Light:    Army Ghost, Army Ivory, Fleet Alabaster
Red:      Army Ruby, Army Crimson, Fleet Vermillion
Yellow:   Army Sunshine, Army Gold, Fleet Topaz
There are 21 Little Black Dots, so 11 is the magic number!
James Millington
Robert Schone
Lynsey Smith

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