The Colonial Diplomacy Variant

Last revised: July 30, 1995

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The Colonial Diplomacy variant of diplomacy follows the most of the rules 
as standard diplomacy with a modified map, and with 3 optional rules which 
can be set on or off at the GMs desire.  The game is the first commercially
published true simple DIplomacy variant.
The judge version was designed by Andy Schwarz (who did the grunt work) and 
Larry Richardson (who did the harder stuff).
1)  Except as noted below, the standard rules of play for Diplomacy on the
    judge apply.
2)  There are 7 great powers.  The starting units are as follows:
    B-BRITAIN           C-CHINA             F-FRANCE
    A Madras            A Peking            A Tongking 
    A Delhi             A Canton            F Annam
    F Bombay            A Sinkiang          A Conchin 
    F Hong Kong         A Shanghai
    F Singapore         A Manchuria
    F Aden
    H-HOLLAND           J-JAPAN             R-RUSSIA 
    F Java              A Kyoto             A Moscow
    A Borneo            F Kyushu            A Vladivostok 
    F Sumatra           F Otaru             A Omsk
                        F Tokyo             F Odessa
                                            F Port Arthur
    A Angora
    F Baghdad
    F Constantinople
3)  There are three optional rules which cannot be listed here because the
    Hasbro copyright applies.  Plus, they haven;t been coded up yet!
4)  CEBU looks like a body of water with islands inside of it, which is
    accurate.  It is analogous to  Kiel, Constantinople or Denmark in the 
    standard diplomacy.
5)  The Caspian Sea, Lake Baykal and any other unnamed space is
    not passable.
6)  There are 58 supply centers.  The victory criterion is possession of 30
    supply centers at the end of any Fall retreat.
7)  The game begins in 1870.
Province Abbreviations
All land province are abbreviated by the first three letters of the province, 
except the following:
hk              Hong Kong
kag             Kashgar
kam             Kashmir
mac             Manchuria
may             Mandalay
mna             Manila
gui             New Guinea
prs             Persia
prm             Perm
part            Port Arthur
sig             Singapore
sik             Sinkiang
ubur            Upper Burma
Sea Space abbreviations are less obvious, but there is a pattern.
All sea spaces which take the form Sea of #Something or Gulf of ##Something 
take the abbreviation so# or go#.  For example, Gulf of Manaar is "gom" and 
Sea of Japan is "soj".
All sea spaces which take the form ###something Sea or ###something Gulf 
take the abbreviation ###s.  For example, Persian Gulf is "perg" and Sulu 
Sea is "suls".
All sea spaces which end in Ocean or no water designation (such as Lower 
Pacific) are abbreviated by their initials. For example, Lower Pacific is 
"lp" and West Indian Ocean is "wio".
If there is no conflict, you may be able to use initials even if the sea 
rules say otherwise.  For example, the Okhotsk Sea is "okhs" but "os" will 
also work.
Have Fun!

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