The Machiavelli Variant

Last revised: July 5, 1991

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The generic Machiavelli variant starts in 1454 with eight powers.  The
powers and their initial starting locations and owned provinces are:

A: Austria      A-Austria, Carinthia, A-Hungary, A-Tyrolea

F: France       A-Avignon, F-Marseille, Provence, A-Swiss

L: Florence     A-Arezzo, A-Florence, F-Pisa, Pistoia

I: Milan        Como, A-Cremona, Fornoa, A-Milan, Parma, A-Pavia, Piancenza

N: Naples       Aquila, A-Bari, Capua, A-Messina, F-Naples, Otranto, 
                F-Palermo, Salerno,

P: Papacy       F-Ancona, A-Bologna, Patrimony, A-Perugia, Romagna, A-Rome, 
                Spoleto, Urbino

T: Turkey       A-Albania, Bosnia, F-Durazzo, Herzegovina, F-Tunis

V: Venice       Bergamo, Brescia, F-Dalmatia, Friuli, Istria, A-Padua, 
                Treviso, G-Venice, A-Verona, Vicenza

x: Autonomous   G-Ferrara, G-Genoa, G-Lucca, G-Mantua, G-Modena, 
                G-Montferrat, G-Piombino, G-Ragusa G-Saluzzo, G-Savoy, 
                G-Sienna, G-Trent, 

Note that the single letter abbreviations for the powers Milan and Florence
are the second letter of the name rather than the first to avoid conflicts
with the Master and France.  These letters are used for signing on and for
sending individual press messages.

Special rules:

  The fortresses are not used in this scenario and can be ignored.

  The Papacy, Naples, Milan, France, Austria and Turkey each have one
  die roll for variable income.

  Florence and Venice each have two die rolls for variable income.

  The player who controls Genoa also gets one die roll for variable income.

Victory conditions:

  The first player to control at least 15 cities and have control of at
  least two power's original home countries (eg: his own and one other
  player's) is declared the winner.

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