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E-Mail Diplomacy

Welcome to everything an experienced on-line Dipper needs to ply his trade! This section of the Diplomatic Pouch currently contains a list of resources which can help you get more involved in the Play-by-E-Mail hobby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There's a mailing list for online Diplomacy with the computer game by Microprose. Click to join [email protected] . However, this game doesn't see very much use these days.

The Diplomatic Pouch PBEM Player Ratings

The Diplomatic Pouch Judge Openings List: long version or shortform
This is a list of all the openings on all the public judges, automatically updated every few hours. The list has undergone a number of revisions since its inception and is currently maintained by Hans de Graaf.

The Diplomatic Pouch Game Queues
Having trouble getting into games of a certain type because of their popularity? Get in an orderly line using The Pouch's game queues.

The Diplomacy Resignation Record
A listing of all players who've completed at least two games on the Judges, along with information about how many games they've played and from how many game they've resigned their position and needed to be replaced. Useful if a Game Moderator wants to put together a game with reliable, play-to-the-end players.

The Electronic Protocol House Rules
The Electronic Protocol House Rules, originally created by the now-defunct EPCC, under which most PBEM games are run.

Various other points of interest in the Internet Diplomacy world

Guide to Real-Time Diplomacy
Using a judge to play a one-day game can be difficult to arrange. Andy Schwarz and Eric N. Coffey have begun to codify the procedures used for real-time judge play. This guide is designed to make it easy for interested players to learn the essentials before the mad scramble to get a real-time Diplomacy game going.

The Diplomatic Pouch E-Mail Zine Registry
A current list of all known e-mail zines.

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