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Face to Face Diplomacy

The Way the Game was Meant to be Played...

Welcome to the home of Face to Face Diplomacy on the Diplomatic Pouch.
The Face-to-Face section of the Diplomatic Pouch has at times been the centrepiece for FtF Diplomacy around the world. The site is now being redeveloped with a focus on maintainability - making it easy to keep the information on the site up to date. Part of that approach is making the site maintainable by you. So if you see something that's wrong, missing, out-of-date, etc, then look for a link to the "Information Manager" - it'll be near the top or bottom of the page. Click it, log in (or register) and fix it.
Want to know when you can play some Diplomacy? Try the
Upcoming Conventions and Tournaments Page.
Played some Diplomacy? Want to know how you got on?
Coming soon: The World's Largest Database of Diplomacy Tournament Results

Until we get our database up and running, have a look at the one on the EDA Website
Want to know about FtF Diplomacy where you are? Then have a look at our
Hobby, Club, Organisation and Informal Gatherings Information

It's currently in need of a lot of updating, but you might find something useful...

Email Website admin here

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Last updated Fri 29 Dec 2006