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These are links to various Diplomacy player communities consisting of at least fifty Diplomacy players. A list of smaller FTF Diplomacy clubs and groups located around the world can be found in the Face-to-Face section of The Pouch. A list groups that play hand-adjudicated PBEM Diplomacy games can be found on the Email section's Newbies page.
The School of Creative Destruction
This group, a mix of PBEM judge and off-judge Diplomacy players is committed to fostering a community of players who engage in high-quality competitive play. The group stresses playing hard, playing to the end, and dedication to meeting deadlines. Quality control is achieved by expulsion of players who are not able to live up to the commitments of a game. Membership is by nomination of an existing member.

The Vermont Group
A group of PBEM judge players that has formed a restricted-access club which runs games that are restricted to other members. The main goal is to have games that don't go through resignations/abandonments/replacements. Requirements for joining the Vermont Group are simple: good standing on the Diplomacy Resignation Record.

The Academy of Diplomacy
A group of primarily off-judge PBEM Diplomacy players that is also dedicated to high quality play. The group embraces a strong "play-to-win" attitude, and enforces deadlines strictly. Membership is by invitation only, typically from the Cat23 membership.

"Basic Online Utility for Network Computerized Electronic Diplomacy", a site that supports Diplomacy games managed through a purely web-based interface. All games are played anonymously, although players must register in order to join a game.

Cat23 Diplomacy Home
The home page of the Cat23 Diplomacy group, an open-membership community of people who play primarily off-judge PBEM Diplomacy.

The DPjudge is brought to us by the Pouch's creator, Manus Hand. The DPjudge is a Web and e-mail interface for players of the game of Diplomacy. The DPjudge allows GameMasters to create and run fully customizable games of Diplomacy (and many variants of Diplomacy) entirely online.

Redscape's Deluxe Diplomacy Online
A large (about 400 playing there actively at any one time) online playing community that runs games by human GMs that operate through game "forums". The group embraces a very strong fun quotient using graphics like flags and symbols to personalize their countries.

STAB - Play-By-Post Diplomacy Forum
A reformation of the ICQ Diplomacy Guild (IDG). It has a Diplomacy discussion forum and runs Diplomacy forum games (play by post & private messaging). Always seeking players.

Dip World: A Diplomatic Diplomacy Club
A Yahoo! club with a community of nearly 300 members. The web page includes various information about the club, message posting, a chat room, and other information for members.

Israeli Diplomacy
A page that supports a group of about 60 Israeli Diplomacy players, including links to relevant information of interest such as Israeli Diplomacy events and a mailing list for Israeli Diplomacy players.

Graue-substanz is a growing german community mainly focused on playing and developing variants. Of course standard dip games take place, too. Games are generally (not necessarily) in german but we're happy to spread our own variants as well.

Compuserve Diplomacy Forum
Compuserve's Diplomacy Forum is now open to non-Compuserve subscribers. This player group has been around for quite a while, but was previously not accessible to non-subscribers. (If you are not a compuserve subscriber, you will need a screen name to log in. If you have registered with AOL, AOL Instant Messenger, MyNetscape or Netscape Instant Messenger, your ID should work to get you in.)

This web site supports a large group of German Diplomacy players. The web site is geared primarily (though not exclusively) toward PBEM Diplomacy. The site runs games of many variants, and also has various articles about Diplomacy, and a threaded web-based discussion forum for players.

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