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De Nederlandse Diplomacy Pagina (Dutch)
An introduction to diplomacy, general rule descriptions, and information on playing by email, for Dutch speakers.

Dutch Diplomacy (Dutch)
Another Dutch Diplomacy page. This one has a variety of information in Dutch and will be running Dutch-language games.

La Esperantolingva Diplomatio Loko (Esperanto)
This page contains an introduction to the game of Diplomacy and the various Diplomacy hobbies, written in Esperanto. (French)
An active site with over 500 players.

Diplomatie (French)
This site is the first French site to support autonomous online diplomacy. It provides variant support including support for "modern" with 10 players. The site includes FAQs, a forum area, statistics, editorials and strategy articles. Diplomatie is very active (1800 players) and will soon be integrating an AI that will provide orders for abandoned players.

FROG Diplomacy Juge (French)
This is the home page for the French Diplomacy Judge (FROG). It is the primary site for French speaking players of Diplomacy, and includes translations of Judge files in French, maps for different variants, a mini-FAQ translations of over 40 strategy articles, mapping software and much more.

L'ambassade Diplomacy : Le Guide en Francais (French)
On this site you will find information on the Judges and their commands (including how to register on a Judge and join a game), summaries of several variants, information on how to GM, and more. leaders in 1901.

Diplomacy, the French Embassy (French)
This page includes information about PBEM Diplomacy, rules, help files, a history of the game, and other information in French.

The Belgian Embassy (French)
On this page you will find a description of the Payola variant, info on playing Diplomacy in real time, and a map where you can find comments on the provinces.

Le Reseau Francophone du Jeu de Diplomacy Par E-mail (French)
This site is for players who would like to play by e-mail in French but without the help of an electronic Judge.

Le Juge Alsacien/Albanais Experimental (French)
An experimental Judge set up not as a public Judge but for code testing and playtesting of new variants.

Diplomacy via Email (German)
This page includes information about PBEM Diplomacy, rules, help files, and other information in German.

Lepanto (German)
This page includes information for newbies about judge diplomacy, information about the running games on the DEAC judge, and information about the judge itself.

Graue-Substanz (German)
A German language site that hosts hand-adjudicated PBEM-Games with two-week deadlines. Standard Dip and lots of variants (ten to fifteen running or starting at any given time). The web site has a growing number of their own variants available, too. (Italian)
The site of the Italian Diplomacy Association - on-line play, forum and community wiki.

Miscia Online (Multilingual: Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Spanish, English)
A very multi-lingual Diplomacy site. Not the site with the most in-depth content, but an interesting forum for international playing, and the only site with Macedonian content.

Às Armas! Diplomacia por Correspondência Eletrônica (Portuguese)
This page includes information about PBEM Diplomacy, rules, help files, and other information in Portuguese.

Artigos e Links em sobre Diplomacia (Portuguese)
This page includes Portuguese translations of several Diplomacy-related documents including FAQs, articles, and variant descriptions.

Diplomacy at (Russian)
I can't say much about the content of this page, as I don't have a Cyrillic-capable browser, nor could I read the Russian if I did.

YuDip (Serbian)
This site is dedicated to promoting Diplomacy in Yugoslavia, and is home to several ongoing Diplomacy games in Serbian.

diplomacy@ptt (Serbian)
Another Serbian Diplomacy site. If you can read Serbian, feel free to suggest something more specific to say.

Diplored (Spanish)
Game openings, games, strategy articles, and more, all in Spanish for Spanish-speaking players.

Stockholm Diplomacy (Swedish)
A new site, soon to have information about the Swedish Diplomacy hobby, organization, the Swedish Diplomacy judge, and more. (Russian)
Diplomacy site featuring forums and play by email games in Russian.
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