A Variant of Diplomacy

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It's January 1999 and the United States of America has been dissolved.

The country is in ruins and in a state of anarchy except 5 states where new 'Republics' have arisen. Florida, Texas and California maintain some semblance of order within their old borders. In the north-east, New York has formed a union with Pennsylvania and New Jersey to stand together in the coming wars. Chicago, Milwaukee and Minneapolis have done likewise, calling themselves the 'Heartland' of America...

Canada has split up and may soon be in a state of civil war.

Meanwhile, the events in the United States have caused Quebec to secede from Canada. Western Canada soon followed suit, under the leadership of British Columbia and joined with American renegades in Alaska. The central Canadian government has fallen and is in disarray...

Mexico has been reduced to the states around Mexico city.

In the south, the increasingly strong drug lords and industrial mafia have rested control of northern Mexico away from the government, while the rebellion of Chiapas has spread to other southern Mexican states. Under siege, Mexico's government prepares to strike back...

Cuba and Peru, stronger than ever, are building up their militaries.

Taking advantage of the chaos on the North American continent, Cuba invades Jamaica and prepares to spread its influence further abroad, while takes control of Colombia and turns its eyes northwards...

What will the New World Order look like in North America?

This is the setting at the start of the Empire variant of Diplomacy, where you play one of 10 new or old nations in a bid to conquer North America. Can you lead your country to North American domination?

Where to Play Empire

Empire is undergoing final testing and all current games are being played on the USTR Diplomacy judge. Send an email message to the judge with list in the body to get a list of games currently active or forming.

Of course, you are always welcome gather 10 people and play Empire face-to-face. If you do, let me know how it turns out! *S*

Mapping Tools and Other Empire Sites

All Empire versions are supported by David Norman's Mapper for Windows.

Empire4 is now supported by Mapit, thanks to David Hall. He warns though that you may have to remove the space between "New Yorker" and "British Columbian" in the history files you use (that is, use "NewYorker" and "BritishColumbian" instead). If you don't have Mapit, get it for the correct platform from the DipPouch's mapping software page To get Empire4 support, add the following two files to your Mapit installation:

If you are aware of any other mapping tools which support Empire, or any other Empire pages on the web, please let me know.