MIDDLE EARTH IX (Catalogue No. ta0605)

by Mark Nelson

(Rules for Middle Earth X follow)

1. The 1971 rules of Diplomacy will apply, except where modified below.

2. There are five players. Their starting units and locations are:

ANGMAR : A's (CDu, SAn, Gun) and Nazgul (Gun)

ARTHEDAIN : A's (Frn, TFo, WTo), 2A (Anu)

CARDOLAN : A's (HGi, Tin) and 2A (TGo)

DUNLENDINGS : A's (Ene, Mag, SDu)

HILLMEN : A's (CBr, EMo, PTe)

Players home supply centres are the supply centres where his units start, except that Cardolan doesn't own TGo but instead owns Tha.

3. Double armies are the same as single armies except that they have double strength. Thus a move by a double army dislodges an unsupported single army. A double army may support with the strength of two supports. It may not split the support between two different units. A single attack cuts the support of a double army.

When retreating a double army retreats with the strength of a single army. Once destroyed the may not be rebuilt.

4. Nazgul (N) is a special piece. When it starts a turn in the same location as an Angmarian army and finishes a turn with the same army (i.e.. it duplicates the army's move) that army may be regarded as a double army (see 3).

In addition the Nazgul has a movement factor of two when it moves on its own. The first move takes place with the movements of armies and the second mover afterwards (but before retreats). I mat move into a province occupied by another Angmarian army but not a province occupied by an army of another nation (if ordered to do so the Nazgul is destroyed). If at any time the Nazgul is on its own in a province and a non-Angmarian army orders to that province then that move goes ahead ant the Nazgul is destroyed (except in the case of a stand-off.

If a unit with the Nazgul has to retreat, the Nazgul must retreat with the unit.

5. There are no fleets in this game.

6. CDu, Gun, BCa, Eld, Eke, Frn, Cbr, TFo, WTo and Tha are all forts. A value of one is added to a unit in a fort (i.e. holding or supporting). This extra strength is purely defensive. Hence, a single army successfully holds (or supports) in a fortress even when attacked by an unsupported double army.

7. Mountain Passes: Direct movement is possible between Gun-SAn and Gnd-GHi. Otherwise mountains are impassable.

8. River Movement: Direct movement is possible between PFe-Mai, Pfe-Dun and EDa-Dun in autumn season ONLY. (NB: movement between MBr-Oio is possible at all times) whereas NWR-Hfe, CBr or NNi is impassable at all times.

9. Due to their knowledge of the hills, the Hillmen player may nominate one unit starting in PFe, Mai, Pte, Dun or NNi to be a double army for the next season's movement. He does this by simply writing 2A(xyz) instead of the normal A(xyz). The double unit reverts back to a single unit on the following move, however a different unit starting in one of the above provinces can be selected as a double army.

10. Bef must be occupied each Autumn season or it will rebel and become an unoccupied neutral supply centre again.

11. There are 36 supply centres on the board (note Eke and Eld are fortresses and NOT supply centres), 19 of which are required for victory except for the Angmarian player who needs 24.

12. The game starts in Autumn 1409 so there will be a construction phase after the first move.

Options for less than five players:

(NB: these options have not been play-tested. They may be suitable for face-to-face play but are not intended for play by mail.)

1. Four players: Remove the Dunlending supply centres. Victory requirement is 17 centres.

2. Three players: Use option 1 but also place the Hillmen in to civil disorder.

3. Two players: One player takes Arthedain and Cardolan and the second player takes the remaining three powers. The Hillmen start with a unit short (no unit in EMo).

MIDDLE EARTH X (Catalogue No. ta07/05)

1. The rules of Middle Earth IX (ts06/05) apply except where modified below.

2. The Hillmen player is replaced by the Rhudar player. Starting units for Rhudar are Cbr, Mbr, and Eld which are also its home supply centres.

3. PTe is no longer a supply centre and BCa is occupied by a Rhudaurian single army at the start of the game.

4. The game starts in Spring 1350.