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Postal Diplomacy

This part of the Pouch is to remind everyone out there that there are more ways to play Diplomacy than just online. Postal Diplomacy is almost as old as Diplomacy itself, originating in the US in 1963 and spreading to the UK by 1969, Since then there are few countries in which the game has been sold which have not at one time or another had a successful postal Diplomacy hobby.

With the coming of the Internet, there has been a decline in the number of players playing postally, though many Internet players (who regard the 3-4 week deadlines of the postal zines as too slow) choose to subscribe to some postal Diplomacy zines as a way to supplement their online hobby rather than to replace it. There's something about getting a proper physical zine, the product of an enthusiastic Diplomacy fan, with letters from fellow hobbyists, articles on aspects of Diplomacy, rules to Diplomacy variants and reports of games in progress which is more real and immediate than browsing a web page. So why not give it a go? Most zine editors will send off a sample copy to anyone who asks - I think you will be surprised to find that the postal hobby can still reach the parts that email has not discovered.

The purpose of these few pages is simple - to enable everyone to be able to sample the best that the postal Diplomacy hobby has to offer. Enjoy.

Current Postal Diplomacy Zines

Some Articles about Postal Diplomacy

The Online Postal Zine Archive


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Last updated Tue 12 Sep 2006