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Fall 1998 Movement Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
The usual drivel, all wrapped up in the same pretty paper. As worthy of your time as ever (whatever that means).

Agatha C.: Seven Little Dudes
In the spirit of And Then There Were None, here is Agatha C.'s mysterious story of how seven Great Powers met their fates.

Anonymous: A Cheater's Confession
Here is the story, the confession, and the repentance of one who reformed on the heels of the Spring issues' railings against cheaters.

Manus Hand: The Pouch Salutes The Chairman of the Board
The world goes on without Frank Sinatra, but not without his music. And now, because apparently I must have something against the world, it won't be able to go on without this collection of Sinatra songs, given fresh new lyrics that only the Diplomacy player could learn to love.

Brandon Clarke: Further Thoughts on No-Press Opening Strategy
Brandon continues the series of articles discussing opening strategy in no-press games. Here, he tackles France, Russia, and Turkey, and also provides some follow-up to his points in his last article on England and Germany.

Blast From The Past: Designing Maps For Diplomacy Variants
The Pouch's new Postal Section coordinator, Stephen Agar, is well known as an expert designer of variant maps. In this article, he lets us in on some of his secrets and the principles that guide him.

Heath Gardner: Reflections of a Teenage Zine Publisher
Heath went from player to subscriber to publisher in a surprisingly short time. Some in the postal community call him a hero for launching a new 'zine. Others (like me) call him a fellow fool for publishing anything at all. Here, he himself reflects on the how and why.

Mark Nelson: An Interview With Larry Peery
Larry Peery's is certainly one of the most widely-known names in Diplomacy. Here he takes some time out from doing the work of the hobby and Mark Nelson gets him talk about himself.

Tim Miller: White-Partial Press, Part Two
Tim continues his well-received series with a second installment that concerns white, partial press. Get yourself more good advice on how to effectively communicate with your fellow players.

Stephen Koehler: Migraine: A Diplomacy Variant
Stephen introduces us to a completely balanced eight-player map variant, guaranteed to give even the most hard-core player a headache. Played during off-hours at the most recent World Championship tournament, Migraine got rave reviews.

Cameron Moser: The Wrath of the Diplomacy Gods
Every so often (but not very often), some things actually override the importance of playing a game of Diplomacy. Sad, but true. And in these circumstances, often only divine intervention can re-adjust priorities.

Anthony Nichols: Diplomacy Cryptic Answers
Still scratching your head over the cryptic crossword puzzle that Tony provided a couple issues back? Scratch no more; here's the solution.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
I'll give you three guesses what this article contains. And the first two don't count.

Bjorn von Knorring: The MANSA Charter
Read the charter for the first worldwide organization of Diplomacy players. Currently a fledgling group, you can weasel your way into it by finding an exposed back or two and plunging a knife into it.

Richard Mulholland: Oops! I Didn't See That Coming! Now What?
Perhaps the most annoying aspect of play for many people is dealing with abandoned positions. Richard tells us that the change of leadership in other countries should be looked at as nothing more than a welcome challenge.

Graeme Ackland: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Diplomat
Holmes is back to challenge you to make his "elementary" deductions. This time, he and Watson take a break from international power politics to consider a simple game at the Calhamer Club in The Cultural Exchange Puzzle.

Larry Peery: Yes, It's Been A Long Hot Summer
Larry gives us his unique "peerispective" on recent events in the world of Diplomacy. That's big "D" and little "d" diplomacy.

"Tarzan": Assigning Powers to Players in Diplomacy
Tarzan takes us on a whirlwind tour de force of the various methods by which each player could wind up playing a given power. From out and out fisticuffs to the different ways of handling preference lists, this article covers them all.

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