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Fall 1999 Retreat Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Take a quick look at the latest happenings around The Pouch and the hobby.

Manus Hand: The DPjudge
Some of you already know about the DPjudge. Everyone else is about to find out. (Being the publisher, I get to do things like put articles that I write myself at the top of the table of contents.)

Paul Windsor: Geography Is Destiny
Paul takes us with him on a revealing study of the geography of the Diplomacy map. Exactly what advantages and disadvantages does the map deal to each power? How do these affect the relative success rates of the powers? Most significantly, how can you take lessons from this study to better your own performance as each power?

Simon Szykman: The Newly Redesigned Millennium Edition Western Triple Alliance
It's a mouthful, isn't it? A new take on the Western Triple Alliance. Not bad... unless you're on the receiving end.

Bruce Duewer: Machiavelli -- What Every Young Tyrant Should Know
Bruce continues his article series on the Machiavelli variant. This time, he provides alliance advice for the eight powers.

Edi Birsan: Announcing The Diplomatic Corps
Edi Birsan, a hobby fixture, introduces The Diplomatic Corps, a worldwide organization of players and organizations.

Brandon Clarke: How to Run a Diplomacy Tournament
Since your humble publisher's own regional organization (The ARMADA) is about to hold its first tournament, I sent out some mail asking for advice from those who had run tournaments before. To my surprise and delight, Brandon responded in article form.

Larry Peery: World DipCon IX at Namur, Belgium
Speaking of conventions, Larry provides us his photo retrospective -- oops, I mean Peerispective -- from the 1999 World Championships.

Edi Birsan: Escalation Diplomacy
Edi provides another answer for the age-old question, "what if we don't have exactly seven players?"

Szykman and Hand: Eliminating the Paradox in Diplomacy
Simon and Manus go toe-to-toe discussing what should happen when a convoying army attacks a fleet whose support is crucial to keeping the convoying fleet afloat. Confused? Come see what we mean, and let us know what you think!

Eric Pederson: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
Need some help with Holmes' latest case as presented in the last issue? Watson provides a few clues.

José Torres: What I've Learned in Three Months as a Diplomacy Player
You may remember José, who asked the readership in the last Pouch issue whether playing Diplomacy was worth paying a perceived emotional toll. Having been convinced by our words (after all, that's our job) to enter the hobby with both barrels blazing, he's back now to answer his own question.

Simon Szykman: Avoiding Stabs 101
Tired of pulling new daggers out of your back before the previous wounds have had a chance to heal? Here's some advice directed at the repeat stab victim on how to start changing your track record.

Theo Kermanidis: The Bismarck Opening
Looking for a fresh way to open as Germany? Theo has an idea. Try a Sealion without involving the Frenchman!

Marc Leotard: Another Analysis of the "Risk-Taking" Experiment
Marc takes a fresh look at the data generated by Simon Szykman's tricky "Risk-Taking" experiment of a few issues back. In that experiment, Simon tried to determine what effect, if any, the positioning of a piece on the board -- positioning within a space; be it "facing" either towards or away from another part of the board -- had any effect on player perception of coming events.

Brahm Dorst: An Application of the "Risk-Taking" Experiment
Brahm regales us with the story of a game in which he put Simon's observation about the effect of piece positioning in face-to-face play (which Simon had first noticed at the 1998 World Championships) into conscious practice.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Check out one of the larger collections of Deposits ever. (Or maybe it just took me longer than usual to edit the collection; I honestly don't know which. Good reading, regardless.)

Allan Calhamer: On Convoy Path Specification
Internet players are used to specifying (in an army's order) the location of all fleets to be used during a convoy. What does the inventor of Diplomacy think of this practice? Find out!

Tim Richardson: Tempest In a Teapot
Pit Kisser Tim checks in with his report on the first annual U.S. capital region tournament. Find out who came out on top in the festival of Diplomatic fellowship and revelry.

Richard Horton: Out Of My Depth
Richard is one of the many players in the 1999 World E-Mail Masters Tournament. Here he offers a tournament novice's insight on the event.

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