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The Zine

Fall 2016 Movement Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
As Summer turns into Fall, the days grow shorter, but temperatures remain up. An Indian Summer.
Kevin Burt: A Call to Arms
Kevin moves on to other projects, but calls on each of us to continue the fight and relieve him of this burden.
Chris Martin: World Diplomacy Championship Recap
A season by season recap of the top board at this year's WDC in Chicago by "Dancing Queen" Chris Martin, a former world champion and genuine one man production studio.
Jim O'Kelley: WDC 2016: The Italian Job
Italy – the power, not the people – did well on this WDC, just after Italy by Experts, Part 1 was published in this Zine. Coincidence?
Larry Peery: Body Language in dip&DIP
Your body betrays you in more ways than you'd like to admit. Let Larry teach you how to keep a straight face and your shoes laced.
Toby Harris: Italy by Experts, Part 2
Rome was not built in a day and so it is for this Master's piece. For experts, by experts.
Zachary Jarvie: Two-Thirds Diplomacy
It's not that you don't have enough players, it's that your board is too big. That knife you were hiding might come in handy. Or not…
Mario Huys: Last Man Standing: Operation Paris
Spotlight on Paris, where spectacles and miracles go hand in hand. The music and dance are distinctly Austro-Hungarian.
Larry Peery: The Diplomate who became a Billionaire
You know you have a good article when you learn something new about one of your most famous compatriots — and Belgium (or is that Flanders?) has preciously few.
Larry Peery: Book Reviews for Diplomats and Diplomates in the Far-East
I thought my knowledge of Japanese kanji would give me an edge in deciphering Chinese, but Larry proves you don't need to be a linguist to delve into the trove of Chinese publications, even those that have not yet been written.

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