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Spring 1999 Retreat Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
The standard fare, here. A couple of Pouch-related news items, and then it's on to the rest of the issue.

Chris Martin: How To Win Tournament Diplomacy (Revisited)
After returning from Namur dethroned, Chris looks back at the tips he offered after winning the 1998 World Championship and decides if he was on-target or just rambling incoherently.

Tim Miller: The Rannestad Convention
What is the Rannestad Convention? What's it all about? What's it used for? Is it something in which you would be interested? Why are you asking me? Why don't we let Tim answer those questions for us?

David Hertzman: The Unrelenting Eye
David begins a three-part article series to cover the basics of game theory as they relate to Diplomacy. In this article, he describes the prisoner's dilemma: "to stab or not to stab, that is the question."

Simon Szykman: Results of the Risk-Taking Experiment
Whether you took part in Simon's "risk-taking" survey or not, I bet you'll be surprised by the results. For one thing, he wasn't studying what he told you he was!

Jack Rudd: Devolution Diplomacy
Jack often found himself in a situation where an eight-player game was needed, so he created the Devolution variant. In this variant, the clamors for independence that are presently being made by various parts of the British Isles have been granted, so that, like all good Diplomacy powers, they can go to war against each other.

Hand and Szykman: All About Hasbro Interactive's Diplomacy
What we've all been waiting for is coming soon, and The Pouch has the scoop. Interviews with Hasbro and with the development team, and yes, screenshots too!

Paul Windsor: Caissa Annotates a No-Press Game
Paul's famed Caissa dissects a no-press game like only (s)he could. In this first article in a series, Paul takes us through the opening years of a no-press game, Caissa-style.

Rob Stephenson: The Mysterious and Secretive Victorian Diplomacy Championships
For all of us who couldn't be there, and even for those who could, Rob (in his inimitable style) offers a sampling of the 1999 Victorian Diplomacy Tournament, complete with some tips on tournament play.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Hey, guess what! The Pouch got some mail and we're going to let you read it. What a pleasant surprise, huh? What's that? Not a surprise? Oh well, at least it's pleasant.

Clinton Wolf: Centrifugal Force
Have you pulled Germany and now you're wondering what to do next? Here's a suggestion that you try the centrifugal approach.

Roger Yonkoski: The Grand Alliance
Stop the leader. Restore a balance of power. Admirable concepts, but often it's a case of "easier said than done." Roger offers some assistance.

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