Reindeer Games

by Rudolph, the Ninth Reindeer

The following was sent to Sherlock Holmes, c/o The Diplomatic Pouch, shortly before Christmas. Holmes, as you may expect, was able to solve the conundrum. Can you?

22 December 1900
Dear Mr. Holmes,

It will soon be Christmas again and we need Santa Claus and all the reindeer to bring out the presents. But we can't find Santa. Last Spring, after we had finished cleaning up after Christmas, Santa and six of the reindeer went on a vacation to Europe. I don't know where they are staying, and I need your help to find them.

Santa has sent me some postcards in which he talks about a game called Diplomacy. I know you are a master of the game, so I hope you can deduce Santa's and the reindeers' location.

May postcard:

July postcard: December postcard: I would love to heed Santa's instructions and send tickets to the travellers, but, dear Holmes, Santa never told me where he or any of the others are staying. I hope you can help me locate them, because if not, I will not be able to send them their tickets, and then there will be no Christmas.

Thanks and Merry Christmas.

P.S. If you can help us with the problem, you will be granted the title Sleigh Master, as you then will know in which order the reindeer are pulling the sleigh.

c/o Brian Kieslich
([email protected])
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