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Winter 2000 Adjustment Issue

Guest Editor Matt Shields: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Introduces you to another issue of the Diplomatic Pouch.

Ole Tuft: Geographical Destiny Revisited
It's been a year since the article that made Paul Windsor famous (again) among the readers of these pages. Ole thinks it's time to take a closer look at some of Mr. Windsor's conclusions.

Derek McLachlin: A Study of Italian Wins on the Judges
In this article Derek spares no effort in breaking down the statistics of what works and what doesn't when it comes to winning with the toughest of powers, Italy.

Matt Shields: Introducing the Diplomatic Pouch Tournament Ratings System
Better late than never. Matt introduces us to the his newest creation, and explains why he hopes that you'll find the DPTR to ba a valuable addition to the Pouch.

Dave Norman: Eleven Judge Variants to Watch Out For
Our resident expert on Diplomacy variants walks us through a few of his favorites.

Simon Szykman: Diplomacy Boardgame Trivia Revisited
Simon follows up on his article from the last issue with a few more questions, and some answers from last time.

Bruce Duewer: Machiavelli -- The Art of Peace
Bruce continues his series on the Machiavelli variant, by talking about long term strategy and about building relationships with the other players.

Bob Steinke: Meta-Diplomacy
Bob spends some time talking about ideas for variants of a different sort: Meta-Diplomacy variants.

Jeff Dwornicki: Starting with Nothing
Jeff tells us about his experiences in building up a Diplomacy community in his home town, and offers some words of wisdom for those of us who might be trying to do the same thing.

Simon Szykman: Grudges in Diplomacy
Simon provides us with some advice about when, and when not, to hold grudges.

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Once again, we had a good collection of letters come in to the Pouch. Enclosed is a selection that we thought were worth reading.

Simon Cole: Easter Island Diplomacy
Simon takes us through the humourous tale of his experiences with his own Diplomacy variant!

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