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Winter 2007 Adjustment Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
A brief retrospective on a successful year for the Pouch.
Douglas Kent: Diplomacy World Hits the Century Mark
Diplomacy World has contributed to the hobby for three decades. This January, it publishes its hundredth issue — the longest ever! Find out what to expect in this centurial effort…
David Norman: What is a Corner Power?
Corner Powers enjoy a tremendous defensive advantage in the game. But why is that? How do you define a "corner" Power, and how can you identify them in variants?
Sam Jones: Why You Don't Want to Appear as a Wise, Good-Natured, Eloquent Diplomat
It doesn't always pay to appear competent! In this lengthily-titled article, Sam discusses the importance of appearing to be Not Too Skilled.
Jeremy Edwards: Applying the Way of the Owl: The Power of One
A power that only has a single unit left can still be a key player in determining a game's outcome! Owls Black Belt Jeremy Edwards provides some interesting examples from his own games.
David Norman: Solutions to the Files of Inspector Clouseau
The solutions for the tactical puzzles we posed last issue.
Nathan Barnes and David Maletsky: Frontline: Top Boards
In this second debate, Nathan and David look at the advantages and pitfalls of having a top board in the last round of a Diplomacy tournament. Do top boards add to the tournament experience, or do they skew tournament results unfairly?
Sam Tyler: Mastering Being a Game Master
It takes work to do a good job of refereeing Diplomacy — a good Game Master can and should put in as much effort as any of the players, and more. Sam discusses five levels of mastering commitment, and how you can attain each!
Charles Roburn: Home Before the Leaves Fall: Planning to Avoid a Stalemate
A look at the primary stalemate lines that split the board 17/17, and how each Power can maneuver to avoid getting stuck behind one of them!
Manus Hand: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
Only three of you readers took a shot at solving the Great Detective's last Diplomacy mystery, so Dr. Watson offers a big chunk of help from Holmes to encourage more of you to give it a go.
Edi Birsan: Welcome to Galicia!
Our former EDItor discusses the ins and outs of activity in one of the most important non-supply center provinces on the board.
The Editor: Just Passing Through
Diplomacy World reaches its hundredth issue and Berlin plans a move to Vienna, while the Pouch Editor begs for more articles!

The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits

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