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  • Design Credits
  • Diplomacy: Allan B. Calhamer, copyright held by Hasbro, Inc.
  • Rule Variants:
    Payola: Manus Hand and John Woolley
    Crystal Ball: Manus Hand, John Woolley, and Pitt Crandlemire
  • Mix-In Rule Variants:
    Blind: Adapted from Joan C. Artes by Manus Hand
    Factories: Manus Hand
    Flexible Setup: John Woolley
    Garrison: Wilson Hsieh and Manus Hand
    Missing Man: Scott Kasch and Manus Hand
    Mobile Homes: Manus Hand (after 1897)
    Mobilize: Manus Hand (after 1898)
    Partisans: Baron M. Powell and Manus Hand
    Reserves: Baron M. Powell and Manus Hand
    Militia: Matt Ready and Manus Hand
    Variable Length: David Norman
    Exchange Payola: Bruce Duewer (stocks/leadership votes currently by GM)
    Zero Sum Payola: Michael Schmahl
    Touch Bribe Payola: Matt Ready
  • Map Variants:
    1897 (7 players): Mark Nelson, Josh Smith, and Rick Westerman
    1898 (7 players): Randy Davis
    1900 (7 players): Baron M. Powell
    Aberration (9 players): Rod Walker and Nick Fitzpatrick
    Ancient Mediterranean (5 players): Don Hessong
    Brazilian (7 players): GROW Produtos Para Recreacao, Ltda.
    Britain (7 players): Danny Loeb and Bruce McIntyre [independently]
    Canton (7 players): Paul Webb
    Chaos (34 players): Michel Ferion
    Chromatic (5 players): James Millington, Robert Schone, and Lynsey Smith
    Classical (5 players): Andy Schwarz and Vincent Mous
    Crowded (11 players): Unknown
    Empire (10 players): Vincent Mous
    Five-Man (5 players): Allan B. Calhamer and Fred C. Davis, Jr.
    Fleet Rome (7 players): Richard Sharp
    Hundred (3 players): Andy Schwarz
    Imperial (13 players): Michael David Roberts
    Loeb9 (9 players): Daniel Loeb
    Milan (7 players): John Norris
    Minor Power (19 players): Unknown
    Modern (10 players): Vincent Mous
    Pure (7 players): Danny Loeb
    Renaissance (7 players): Earle Ratcliffe and Michael Cuffaro
    Sail Ho! (4 players): "Tarzan"
    Shift (Left, Right, and Around) (7 players): Josh Smith and Dan Dzikowicz
    V8 (8 players): Clay Snyder
    Void (36 players): Mario Huys
    Youngstown (10 players): Rod Walker, A. Phillips, Ken Lowe, and Jon Monsarret
  • Press Variants:
    Public-Press/No-Press: Unknown
    Grey/Fake Press: Unknown
    Backseat Driver: Simon Szykman
    Touch: Andy Schwarz (broadcasts forbidden)
    Postage/Limited Press: "Tarzan" and Manus Hand (supported soon)
  • The DPjudge Itself: Manus Hand
  • DPjudge Web Page Design: Patrick Lambrecht
  • Original Internet Judge: Ken Lowe, now maintained by committee and known as njudge
        (the DPjudge can be used as a front-end for KL judge games)
  • Mapit Map Generation: George Boyce (original code), followed by many others
  • Manusized Mapit (dpmap): Manus Hand
  • Manusized Maps and dpmap Enhancements: Manus Hand, Juho Snellman, Mario Huys
  • The DPjudge is copyright © 1995-2008 by Manus Hand. All rights reserved.