BPA Diplomacy PBEM Tournament


Members of the Boardgame Players Association are were playing in the BPA's 2003 Diplomacy PBEM tournament.

This event follows on the success of the 2002 Tournament, the validity of which is now being investigated.

The Games

To go to the Website for each game, click on the game name in the list below. The full game summary (including the identities of the player of each power in each game) can be found there.

To communicate with any game by e-mail, send your message to [email protected].

Round 1Round 2Round 3
2003bpa01 2003bpa06 2003bpa11
2003bpa02 2003bpa07 2003bpa12
2003bpa03 2003bpa08 2003bpa13
2003bpa04 2003bpa09 2003bpa14
2003bpa05 2003bpa10 2003bpa15

Game and Tournament Details

The games are being run at The DPjudge, which is part and parcel of The Diplomatic Pouch, the Internet home page of the Diplomacy gameplay hobby.

The games are standard Diplomacy per the 1982 rulebook.

Three rounds of five games each are being played. Players are playing in all three games simultaneously. (there are 35 players in the tournament).

Seeding was done using the ARMADA Diplomacy Tournament Manager software, with players guaranteed to play the maximum possible number of different opponents, to play a different power in each round, and to not play both England and France, or Russia and Turkey, or Italy and Austria.

Orders can be submitted via e-mail or at the Web page for the game, using an assigned password (which can be changed by the player).

All declared draws must be unanimously voted by all players owning at least one supply center, and must include all such players. Concession of the game to a single player (but not to any combination of two or more players) may be agreed unanimously.


The following points will be awarded based on performance:

Solo Victory132 pts. minus number of game-years played
plus number of supply centers held (or 18, whichever is greater)
Two-Way Draw121 pts. minus number of game-years played
Three-Way Draw77 pts. minus number of game-years played
Four-Way Draw55 pts. minus number of game-years played
Five-Way Draw44 pts. minus number of game-years played
Six-Way Draw33 pts. minus number of game-years played
Seven-Way Draw22 pts. minus number of game-years played
Elimination, Concession, or
Survival To See Another Player Solo
0 pts. plus number of game-years played
plus number of supply centers held

Deadline Handling and Start and End Dates

Entrants must be members of the Boardgame Players Association. Go to the BPA Website to join the BPA. An Associate level membership will allow you to join this and any other BPA PBeM tournament that starts while the membership is active.

Note that the price of membership and the format of your application are subject to change, so check with the BPA (not the GM of this tournament) for exact price and preferred application method, etc. Basically, though, it's not hard, and it's very much worth it.

A list of all players will be e-mailed to the BPA by December 19, 2002. If you have not signed up by that date, you are ineligible for the BPA 2003 Diplomacy Tournament.

Shortly after the new year, when the BPA confirms the eligible players, country assignments will be made, and player negotiations will then begin.

Deadline for submission of the first (Spring 1901 Movement phase) orders is 9 January 2003. Games will end when a victor is determined, when a draw is declared, or (as a draw including all players still holding supply centers) on 3 July 2003, whichever comes first.

Movement phase orders will be due every Thursday at noon, Eastern Time (U.S.). Players who have not issued orders by that time will have automatic HOLD orders issued for all their units. Phases will be processed early if all players issue orders and do not request a "wait until deadline."

Retreat and adjustment phases will have 24 hour deadlines (due at the next noon that is 18 or more hours after the day on which the previous phase orders are processed). Missed retreat deadlines will result in disbanded units. Missed adjustment deadlines will result in waived builds and random removals.