Manus Hand

Photos of My Family

"Ponce a little time, there was....two special kiddies"

Taken by my friend Troy Bettinger,
this is me with my kids in 1997
after a dinner party at the Bettingers
  The kids in 1994 with Melinda Motsenbocker
(Kayla's doll), Dilly (the bird), and my friend
Stu ("I'm tickling you, Stuart") Klugler

Studio Portraits of the kids taken on 19 October 1998 for Christmas

Kayla (in her baptism gown, May 1992)

Kaylio, Kalayla, Kaylioleeten, Kaylio-lioleeteno-lioleeten-aylioli, Kaloolie, Irish Dancing Girl

The Talking Game

Dad:Just want you.
Kayla:Don't say that TWO TIMES!!
(an original Kayla phrase, born of irritation at Dad repeatedly saying "Just want you" in response to her answering his call)
Dad:But Kayla.
Dad:You had the salad.
Kayla:No no, YOU had the salad!
(an exchange from a TV commercial starring Mike Shanahan and Don Baylor)
Dad:But Kayla.
Dad:Are you still dating Clark?
(from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation)
Kayla:No, YOU are.
Dad:But Kayla.
Dad:Why do they not have pants on 'cause there's bad boys and they need to slonk it on to them?
(Dad's original question while watching a bad TV movie with Kayla, wondering why the heroes and heroines wore Speedos and bikinis while they chased the bad guys)
Kayla:I already heared that this year.
(Kayla's original "I've had enough of this pointless game" declaration)
Dad:But Kayla.
Dad:You win the talking game!

My Boy!

Jameson, J.J., Jay-Joe, Joe, Joey, Jigdy, Little Hooch, Diddledy-Doo'er, Jaige, Hoochie-Boy, Chonn-Chonn, Chinky-Wooodler, Carloochy, Sloochie-Boy, Didle-Doo'er, Chooch, Mickey, Mickey Jim, Joadge, Misty (for Mister), Jigdy-Misty, Daddy Longsocks, Jigdy-Joe, Misty-Chooch, Koochy-Kong-Kong-Boy

The Kong Kong Song

Kong kong kahidle-ho
Fidle deeten doe
Diddly idle dooten didle doe
'dle-Didle deeten doe!

Clockwise from top left: Jameson's Kindergarten photo, the kids with all their cousins from my side of the family in 1999 [top: Kayla (Kalayla), Jameson (Mickey-Jim), Serafina (Sera), Alexis (Lexie), Bailey (Girly); bottom: Colin (Ivanhoe), Drew (Druid, Thooth), Pierce (Little Nemo), Veronica (Boodie) -- not shown (unborn at the time): Erin (Dove), Adelaide (Nimble), Annabelle (?), Paul (Tumble), and Nora (Chuckles)]; the kids sharing a laugh; Jameson at birth; Kayla's 1st grade photo.

School photo, September 2000

Kayla sporting her new haircut
and with her Lee Middleton (which I annoyingly [to her] call her "Lee Middlin'") dolls, March 2001
Jameson ready for the boys of summer, March 2001

Easter 2001 with the Virginia cousins,
Lauren, Bailey, and LeAnn [not shown (unborn at the time): Abby]

The Kids visiting Santa at the North Pole
(the Colorado Springs amusement park)
September, 2001

Me holding the stray cat that adopted us, and which we harbored for some months.
Among many other names, the kids named her Jackie Jhania,
then Kayla finally decided (after watching the Disney movie "Homeward Bound") on the name "Sassy."
But later, it became "Jackie" again.
Jameson and I called her "NOC" (an acronym for "Not Our Cat").