The Manus Hand Fan Club

No, it wasn't my idea

Weird, but true. There is now a Manus Hand Fan Club that you can join. The best thing about it is that it is completely free. A Michigan geography and civics teacher by the name of Bruce Irland had the bright idea to start the club; he mailed me about it, and he's now managing it.

So join today by mailing Bruce your name and e-mail address. Who knows what you'll receive? A monthly newsletter filled with my own wit and wisdom (if I can find any in this head of mine)? Stuff actually autographed by me? Pin-up teen idol pictures of me, suitable for framing in high-school lockers? Your guess is as good as mine.

But its completely and utterly free, and your name will not be added to any junk e-mail lists (which, to my mind, are the two things that make something a good deal), so why not join?

Oh, admit it, you like me.

Click on the envelope to
send your request to join!