:: Judge: DEUS  Game: noplace  Variant: Crowded Gunboat
:: Deadline: S1901M Thu Jan  1 1970 01:00:01 CET  

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Game 'noplace' is waiting for 10 more players to sign on.

The parameters for 'noplace' are as follows:
  Move    clock 1200 min  1.00 next  47.00 grace  36.00 delay 0.20 days -MTWTF-
  Retreat clock 1177 min  0.00 next  23.00 grace  36.00 delay 0.20 days -MTWTF-
  Adjust  clock 1177 min  0.00 next  23.00 grace  48.00 delay 0.20 days -MTWTF-
  Access:  Any-site, Level: Any, Moderated, Dedication: -100.
  Variant: Crowded Gunboat.
  Flags:   NoNMR, NoProxy, DIAS, StrictGrace.
  Press:   None (except to Master).
  Winning Centers: 18.
  Index:   0  

Crowded nopress game 47/23/23

The following players are signed up for game 'noplace':
  Master                           zzzzzorglub at gmail.com
  a power                          someone@somewhere


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