:: Judge: USAK  Game: Sw01  Variant: Standard
:: Deadline: S1901M Mon Mar 10 2014 23:30:00 -0700  

Game 'sw01' is waiting for 4 more players to sign on.

The parameters for 'sw01' are as follows:
  Move    clock 1410 min 12.00 next  71.00 grace 167.00 delay 0.50 days -MTWTF-
  Retreat clock   -1 min  0.00 next  23.00 grace  71.00 delay 0.50 days -mTWTF-
  Adjust  clock   -1 min  0.00 next  23.00 grace  71.00 delay 0.50 days -mTWTF-
   Access:  Any-site, Level: Any, Moderated, Dedication: -10000.
  Variant:  Standard.
    Flags:  NoNMR, NoProxy, DIAS.
   xFlags:  HomeCentres, ManualStart, Concessions, Max Absence: 15.
    Press:  White, Partial Allowed, No Fake.
  Power Assignments: By Preference List Only.
  Winning Centers: 18.
    Index:  0  

For players in the southwest United States

This is a white press game for players in the desert southwest. To 
play, please live in southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New 
Mexico, west Texas or be hypothetically willing to travel to this 
area for a face to face game of Diplomacy.

The following players are signed up for game 'sw01':
   Master                     31709 cbabcock at asciiking.com
   a power                     -48 jomarrodriguez18 at yahoo.com
   a power                     992 darylrdavis at verizon.net
   a power                     122 jim_utu at yahoo.com