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Diplomatic Pouch T-Shirts and Mousepads

If you are interested in owning a T-shirt, or a sweatshirt, or a mousepad with the Diplomatic Pouch Logo emblazoned on it, take a look at what we have for you. Shown below are only a couple design ideas. If you have another, tell us about it and we can probably do it (at no additional cost!). Products are professional, durable, high-quality goods that I make myself with some pretty dang good heavy-duty machinery. Now here are some images to give you an idea of what you could be wearing....

NEW! Now we can print on colored shirts too!

Shirt-Front Options

Some Shirt-Back Designs

...Or Create Your Own Design...


100% Cotton T-Shirt
$15.00 US
Cotton-Polyester (50/50) Fleece Sweatshirt
$21.50 US
Mouse Pad
$11.50 US
Shipping and Handling: $4.00 US (for up to two items, $1.00 each thereafter)
$5.00 additional for shipping outside North America,
and allow 4-6 weeks for international delivery
(For faster delivery overseas, write for pricing.)

That means that (for U.S. players), including shipping and handling, a T-Shirt is only $19.00.
Feel free to toss in an extra penny to make it $19.01 if you wish to
(an appropriate figure for us Diplomats).


Your First Name:
Your Last Name:
Your E-Mail Address:
Your Complete Mailing Address:
(include street, city, state, postal code)
Your Country:
Your Choice of Product:
Quantity of This Item:
Shipping and Handling: (priced as described above)
Select Shirt Size:
(ignore if ordering mouse pad)
Select Front Design:
Select Back Design:
(Tees and Sweats Only)
Describe Your Own Design:
(if other than those listed above)
(Note that if you wish to order more than one different product or different shirt-sizes,
you will need to create multiple order forms.
Don't worry; shipping charges will be calculated correctly.)

When you click on the button above, an order form will be created, ready for you to print and mail with payment (remit by personal check, money order or international money order) to the address you will be given. Orders will be shipped upon receipt.

If you have a photograph -- maybe you at a FTF tournament or the World Championships,
(or maybe even something not having to do with Diplomacy [gasp!])
we can put that on a T-Shirt or other item (tote bag, apron, pillowcases, throw pillow, etc.) for you,
either unadorned or with text and/or a design.
Just let us know what you want.

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