2010 North American Grand Prix Rules: 

Player Eligibility:

A player must compete in at least two Grand Prix events to be eligible to win. 

Event Eligibility:

Tournaments must announce their intent to participate in the 2010 Grand Prix by December 31, 2009. Tournaments may announce their intent by emailing Grand Prix Administrator Jim O’Kelley at jimthegrey1013 (at) yahoo (dot) com.  

The email of intent should include the name and contact information of the tournament director, the approximate date of the tournament, and the location of the tournament.  

First-time tournaments will not be considered for the 2010 Grand Prix, nor will tournaments that have not been held within the past two years. The World Diplomacy Database will be used to verify an event’s track record. (http://eurodip.nuxit.net/php/rencontre/index.php?lang=Ang) 

Event Qualification:

To qualify for the 2010 Grand Prix, eligible events must meet the following requirements. 

1)    The event must take place in North America, and the tournament must consist of multiple rounds of seven-player standard Diplomacy over multiple days.  

2)    If its email of intent did not list a firm date, the event must notify the Grand Prix Administrator of the firm date at least three months in advance. 

3)    The event must be publicized in the Diplomatic Pouch’s listing of upcoming conventions at least two months in advance. 

4)    The event must feature a total of at least six boards over the three largest rounds. 

5)    The results of the event must be reported to the Grand Prix Administrator within one month of the event. 


1)    An event will be worth 10 times the total number of boards played in the three largest rounds of the tournament, up to a maximum of 300 points. 

2)    The event winner will earn these points. Each subsequent position will earn 90 percent of the previous position, down to a minimum of 5 points just for showing up.  

Note that Tournament Directors who play in their own tournaments will not receive any Grand Prix points for the event.   

3)    For the North American Diplomacy Championship (DipCon), the minimum score is 10 points; for a World Diplomacy Championship (WDC) in North America, the minimum score will be 15 points. Thus, in 2010, the minimum score at Whipping will be 10 points. 

4)    Each player’s cumulative score will consist of his or her highest scores from up to four qualifying tournaments. 

5)    The Grand Prix champion will be the player who earns the greatest cumulative points total from two or more qualifying events. 

6)    If players tie for the Grand Prix championship, the tie will be broken as follows:

a)    The player with the highest single tournament score will win the Grand Prix championship.

b)    If players remain tied, then the player whose top two scores are greater will win the Grand Prix championship.

c)    If players remain tied, then the player whose top three scores are greater will win the Grand Prix championship.

d)    If players remain tied, then they will share the Grand Prix championship.


The Grand Prix champion will receive a plaque. In addition, the champion’s name will be inscribed on the permanent NADF Grand Prix plaque.