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The Game of Diplomacy by Richard Sharp
The classic book, now available online.

Diplomacy Tutorial
A rules tutorial for players who are new to Diplomacy.

Openings Library
The HTML version of a comprehensive library of opening moves in Diplomacy. A UNIX compressed text version is also available for downloading.

Diplomacy Player's Technical Guide (HTMLPDF, plain text, postscript)
A collaborative attempt at providing a precise interpretation of the rules of Diplomacy. This initial attempt had a few flaws, and is currently undergoing a revision. has a list of all known variants. (Note that for most of them, all that is given is the variant name and a classification; no rules, no maps. For those that do have rules and/or maps, links are available from the Diplomatic Pouch variants pages.

The Diplomacy Boardgame Compendium and Gallery
More than you ever wanted to know about editions of the Diplomacy boardgame, as well as its variants, software, books on the topic, and various other items.

Diplomacy A to Z
The classic reference source, a comprehensive glossary of virtually every term that relates to the world of Diplomacy, now available in HTML format.

Stalemates A to Y
Now available in an HTML version, Stalemates A to Y is an extensive list of stalemate lines that can be set up in Diplomacy games. A tared, UNIX compressed text version is also available for downloading.

Variants A to Z
A library containing descriptions and rules for tons of Diplomacy variants. A tared, UNIX compressed text version is also available for downloading.

Diplomacy Adjudicator Test Cases
This document contains over 100 test cases for validating automated adjudicators. It contains a description of the differences between the 1976, 1982 and 2000 rulebooks and a list of ambiguities in the rules. It can also be used as houserules.

Model House Rules
The Model House Rules are intended to help an inexperienced GM construct a logical, consistent and complete set of house rules, and to help an experienced GM fill in gaps in an already existing set

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