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The Diplomatic Pouch: The Zine
Part and parcel of this Diplomacy Home page is the first web-based Diplomacy zine, published by Manus Hand. Published five times a year, The Zine features regular columns on various Diplomacy topics, including strategy, tactics, statistics, interviews, variants, and puzzles.

Spring Offensive
A long-running British postal zine, now with a presence on the web. The zine includes a mix new and old (archived) articles as well as PBM Diplomacy games.

Diplomacy World
The web site for Diplomacy World, a long-running zine recently revived by Stephen Agar and Jim Burgess.

The Abyssinian Prince
An HTML version of the long-running postal and email zine TAP.

A zine that was first started in the 1980s and recently was reincarnated as a webzine, Psychopath runs games at a variety of paces (weekly, fortnightly and monthly deadlines). Games include standard Diplomacy, Machiavelli and a growing number of other historical variants.

I Digress
Online content from another postal zine -- no front page, but individual issues are accessible from this directory.

A Swedish webzine that runs Diplomacy games as well as other PBEM games, with gamestarts in both Swedish and English. This site is also the home page for the Swedish postal zines Mu and Fortasse Bellum.
This web-zine is a companion to a PBM game newsletter. "

The Diplomatic Pouch Postal Zine Registry
A growing list of postal zines with contact information.

The Diplomatic Pouch email Zine Registry
A short, but also growing list of email zines with contact information.

Electronic Zine Archives
Archives of back issues of several zines, including EPC2, Foolhardy, Gateway, Magnifique, The Spring Offensive, TAP and more.

UK PBM Diplomacy Zine Archives
A very extensinve archive of UK postal Diplomacy zines.

Mission From God
An extensive listing of postal zines running Diplomacy as well as other games, along with information about getting sample zines, a subscription exchange and more.
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