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Fall 1995 Movement Issue

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Guest Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Welcome, news, and publication, subscription, and contribution information.
Simon Szykman The Art of Diplomacy in The Art of War
Would a general in Ancient China 2,500 years ago been a good Diplomacy player? And how original is that strategy you've been using anyway? These questions and more answered within. (Notice how the guest editor has shamelessly placed his article above all the other ones.)
Jamie Dreier Master Class
Jamie instructs us with a Master Class on analysis of endgames - positions in which a player has a forced win regardless of what anybody else does. Don't forget to sharpen your pencils, as subtlety abounds.
Stephen Lepley Incoming! Further Reflections from a Diplomacy Newbie
Once again, Stephen presents his views on Diplomacy from the perspective of a newcomer to the hobby. The theme in this essay is the set of challenges he sees not in playing Diplomacy, but in being a Diplomacy player.
The Readership: Pouch Deposits
A whole new crop of letters from the readership, and another topic of discussion for the next issue. The Pouch Deposits now features a new section.
Mark Nelson Through The Looking Glass
Mark recounts for us the recent goings-on in the newsgroup.
Larry Peery Potpourri
Larry, a longtime contributor to the Diplomacy hobby, is the first of the two columnists who are debuting in this issue. He's off to quite a start with enough submissions to warrant his own table of contents. An interesting mix! Take a look.
Danny Loeb What You Don't Know Can Help You
In this column, Danny puts on his game theorist hat and describes an interesting scenario -- a die toss with a twist -- to aid in a Prisoner's Dilemma-like situation. Also, be sure to check out his call for volunteers for the Diplomacy Programming Project.
Dan Shoham The Diplomacy Academy
This issue's column for Dan's Diplomacy Academy takes the form of an edited game summary and EOG reports for a game called fresh which Dan played in. And lost!
Nic Chilton The Internet Diplomacy Survey
Nic, our second new columnist, presents the results of an international survey taken to answer the question: are PBEM-ers totally separate from PBM? in the world of Diplomacy.
Blast From The Past Dropouts and Orphaning
From the archives come two interesting articles discussing game dropouts and orphaning.

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