The Diplomatic Pouch Shortcuts

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Fall 1997 Retreat Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Yeah, it's just another "About" column. No big surprise here. (Well, actually, that's a lie. There is at least one big surprise, so check it out....)

Bif Smithson: The Sealion Opening in Action
Have you been wondering whether the "Sealion" opening, described in these pages by Edi Birsan earlier this year, works? If so, Bif's article should either convince you that it does, or scare you away from it. Or both.

Jonathan McCue: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Diplomat
Since Moriarty escaped their snares, Holmes and Watson have the time to discuss how they decided to stalk him where they did in last issue's "Case of the Missing Border."

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Even the most casual reader knows this is the letters column.

Tim Richardson: The Unkindest Cut of All
In this second article of his series, Tim continues exploring the delicious act of unprovoked betrayal that we all so affectionately refer to as the stab. This time he discusses not stab-related strategy, but who is to blame for a stab and what exactly a stab is.

Simon Szykman: Supply Centers, Anyone?
Ever have trouble locating just one more center for that elusive success? Well, as long as your spelling and eyesight are in good shape, you should be able to reach 18 and more in Simon's word search puzzle.

Caitlin Glasson: All About Cat23
Cait is one of the leading lights in the Cat23 community of players. Here she (diplomatically, of course) "builds a bridge," offering a little history and a description of the group.

Wes Makin: Concealing Your Identity in the Press
Why play anonymously if everyone can tell who you are? Wes offers some pointers to keep yourself incognito.

Manus Hand: Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Diplomat
Their last case behind them, Holmes is just settling in for a relaxing evening when another Diplomatic conundrum is brought to his attention. Luckily (as you know), these are just his forté. How about you?

Paul Windsor: Lawyer/Diplomat
What can the amateur diplomat learn from the professional lawyer? A lot. Check Paul's article to find out.

Tarzan: The Sail Ho! Variant
Who can resist a variant with an exclamation point in its name? If you're a fan of fleets and convoys, chances are that your answer is, "Not I."

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