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Fall 2002 Movement Issue

Editor Edward Hawthorne:  About The Diplomatic Pouch
It's moved and you probably didn't even notice. The Editor knows more but he's been sworn to secrecy. Instead of telling, Edward's packing his bags and going on a little trip....

Edi Birsan:  The American Diplomacy Travel Fund
Edi and Larry Peery start the hobby's first, national reimbusement fund encouraging players to travel. Who's eligible and how can other's get involved?

David E. Cohen:  Dear Consigliere Niccol�
David Cohen (DEC) and Niccol� Machiavelli (NM) field several writers' dilemmas in this new column. Post your questions to Dear Niccol�.

JT Fest:  Do You Have a Flag?
Diplomacy hoists flags of all nations but isn't it time to hoist a "Diplomacy" flag?   JT offers a Diplomacy Standard with allowances for differencing and provisions for a Battle flag, Vexilloid, Ceremonial flag, and Top Board.

Manus Hand:  Diplomacy Without A Board
Have you ever been in a group setting defending yourself against questions like, "What is Diplomacy anyway?" How do you answer?  Trust our Surviving, Big Brother, a response, "like Risk" will make you feel like a Mole.

Eric Mead:  Solution to The Missing Master's Mystery
Sherlock Holmes reveals the Blind solution. It's the solution Dr. Watson and Colonel Sykes have waited all season for.

Theo Kermanidis:  Federation Diplomacy
Diplomacy Downunder is on the rise! Here's an eight-power variant based in the region of Australia and New Zealand. "Come aboard."

Timo Mueller:  Diplomacy in Germany
The Pouch forms a new alliance with Germany.

B.M. Powell:  1900: Britain
Does Britain's corner position guarantee survival? Not so in 1900. Baron delivers the third installment of the Gamer's Guide to 1900.

Matthew Schoenhardt:  Death to Smouchy
Find out what one player thinks of Carebears and why. Matthew encourages everyone to join the dark side.

Matt Shields:  Ramblings about the Team Tournament in Diplomacy
Matt presents opening arguements (three to be specific) in favor of Team Tournament play. What's your opinion?

Rob Stephenson:  Easter in the Rydges
So what really happened at Rydge's over Easter 2002? Tales from the World Diplomacy champion Downunder.

Rob Stephenson:  How YOU can win WDCXIII
Want to become the next World Dip Champion? Rob (and Chris Martin) share two keys to ruling the world!

Matt Shields:  Box Scores
It's been a busy season and all of the annual standings remain close.

Paul Windsor:  Persuasive Illogic
Paul states, "Too many diplomats are too logical for their own good." Find out what master Windsor means.

The Editor and the Readership:  Pouch Deposits
Pouch mail galore! Take a look at what other readers think.

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