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Fall 2008 Retreat Issue

The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Just a brief greeting before you move on to the substance of this issue. Short but sweet!
Chris Dziedzic: Playing the NMR
The NMR (No Movement Received), when a Power goes into civil disorder because the player hasn't issued orders, is generally considered to be the bane of the game. But does it have to be, or can you use it to your advantage?
Arthur Bismark: Bismark Lecture III: Diplomacy and the Mafia Connection
In this third article of the Bismark series, the Doctor talks about thinking like a Don.
Nick Higgins: Ambition & Empire: Turkey
In the year 1763, the Ottoman Empire was already the Sick Man of Europe. In this second article on A&E, Nick discusses how to stop and reverse that decline!
Baron Powell: Ambition & Empire: The Development of Turkey
Ambition & Empire variant designer Baron Powell provides an overview of how he and Jeff Kase decided to represent Turkey on the A&E map.
Douglas Kent: The Postal Diplomacy Zine Archive
The Editor of Diplomacy World and his elves have been hard at work, preserving our hobby's heritage. Find out just what they've been doing, and join them in their efforts!
Robert Marshall: Italy: The Logical Winning Method
Poor Italy has a reputation for being a hard country to win with. Find out how to improve your chances of coloring the map green!
Edi Birsan: Diplomacy: Lies, Trust, Truth, and Betrayal
When should you lie? How do you do it? How can you minimize the lies others tell to you? Our revered former EDItor provides some useful advice on the role of deception in the game.
Philip Murphy: Why You Should Talk: Some Thoughts on Press in Diplomacy
Is there anything more frustrating than trying to negotiate with someone who just doesn't answer your e-mails? Philip patiently explains why silence is a bad idea, and suggests some good ways to make your press productive and fun.
Adam Silverman: Enough Is Enough: Why, When, and How to End a Diplomacy Game
Perseverance is a praiseworthy virtue… but it can be taken to extremes. When is throwing in the towel the best option?
Manus Hand: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
This time, Holmes must help the Calhamer Club defeat a devilish plot from Devonshire, courtesy of his old enemy Moriarty. Can you solve the puzzle and save the day, with so little information to go on?
Edi Birsan: Playing Germany: To Be Kaiser or Bismarck, Part II
In Part I, he discussed the diplomatic options for Germany. In this final installment of the two-part article, Edi evaluates the openings that the Kaiser (or Chancellor) can pursue.
Steve Cooley: My Favorite Country: Germany
In this reprint from Diplomacy World #51, Steve discusses how he learned to stop worrying, and to love being Kaiser.
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Our readers seem to have been going through the archives recently — join us as we revisit some interesting articles of previous issues!

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