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Spring 1997 Retreat Issue

Guest Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
As if you didn't already know.

The Guest Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
A selection of messages from readers of The Pouch, including a challenging Diplomacy puzzle for everyone to try.

Dean A. Gordon: In Control - The Penultimate Guide to Being a GM
My pet project down the tubes, because Dean beat me to it. Here's a guide for aspiring GMs to help get them started with all the GMing basics. Penultimate, eh? That means second-to-last, so maybe there's still room for one more GM guide.

Larry Peery: Results of the Diplomacy Emotions Survey
From lovestruck to suspicious, here are the results of the Diplomacy Emotions Survey that was circulated through the PBM and PBEM Diplomacy communities. Hint: if you've ever been lovestruck while playing Diplomacy, you're in the minority. Kinda hard to fall in love when there's a knife in your back (not to mention the dearth of women in the hobby).

Graeme Ackland: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
Holmes is back with another puzzle, and you are left to duplicate his mental calisthenics. No hints this time -- you're on your own.

Vincent Mous: Five Down, Five To Go - New Openings for the Modern Variant
Vince brings us the next in his series of articles on the Modern Variant. Taking a break from discussing openings for the individual powers, this article examines revised and new openings for various powers and presents comments on various aspects of the variant.

Larry Peery: World DipCon VII Report
More of a diary than your basic convention report, Larry shares with us his experiences in going to WDC VII, from start to finish.

David Rosen: Diplomacy and Game Theory Part 2: Rational Choice
If you've never thought about Diplomacy in the context of game theory, here's a good start for you. My only question is: how can I find some of those rational people to play with?

Clinton Wolf: Father Bill
Another poem from the Diplomatic Bard shows Diplomacy as the nice family game we all know and love.

Joseph Wheeler: On Diplomacy
Here are another two installments, the fifth and sixth of eight, of Joseph Wheeler's "On Diplomacy" series, inspired by Clausewitz's tome On War. The subjects this time are The Engagement and War Plans.

"Tarzan": An Interview with Manus Hand
Diplomacy Legend Manus Hand (I had to say that or he'd fire me) revealed! Sorry, if you're looking for nudie pix, you're in the wrong place... we charge for those. But if you've never had the opportunity to get to know Manus, here's a way for you to begin.

"Tarzan": A User's Guide to Payola Diplomacy, Part II: Advanced Bribery
Tarzan brings us a new article as part of his User's Guide to Payola, this time touching on the subtleties of the bribe order, complete with a variety of examples.

The Big Dipper: A Question of Style
As scholarly as them come, here's Pitt's dissertation that earned him his recently-awarded Doctorate of Diplomacy. This article focuses on the differences between PBEM and FTF Diplomacy.

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