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Winter 1998 Adjustment Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Behind schedule after a missed issue -- this one's a short one so that we can get the issue out.

Simon Szykman: Risk-Taking Experiment
Help Simon out with a little experiment... look at a map, answer five multiple-choice questions with a few clicks of a mouse, and that's it. If it takes more than three minutes, we promise you double your money back.

Vincent Mous-Harboesgaard: A Turkish Delight: Turkey in the Modern Variant
Vince brings us the next installment in his series of Modern articles, this time enlightening us on the subject of openings and strategy for Turkey.

Brandon Clarke: Still More Thoughts on No-Press Opening Strategy
Brandon brings us another chapter in his series on opening strategy for no-press diplomacy games.

Hassan Lascelle: Observations of a Renewbie
Reminiscent of the zine's Incoming! series of articles from a newbie, this is a slightly different perspective from somebody who is not new to the hobby, but returning to it after a hiatus. (Yes, it puzzles us too, but we're a welcoming bunch so we're happy to have him back).

The Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Once again, we spill open our mailbag for all to see.

Brandon Clarke: The New Zealand Diplomacy Champs
A short summary of the only (as far as Brandon knows) FTF Diplomacy Tournament held in New Zealand since 1990 or 1991, along with a pointer to detailed results and stories from the tournament.

Paul D. Windsor: Chainsaw Diplomacy
Read This Or Else! Pretty intimidating, huh? This article discusses how to effectively change the tone of voice (so to speak, in the case of PBEM games) in order to make sure you are heard.

Graeme Ackland: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
Holmes has, once more, a conundrum to mystify those with senses less acute than his own. Also, the solutions to two puzzles from previous issues!

Mark B. ("Murky"): Like a Rubber Ball - Bouncing in Diplomacy
Mark provides us with a nice summary of the strategic value of bouncing in Diplomacy. For all the value that is placed on not wasting tempo (and properly so), sometimes its still a heck of a lot better not to go anywhere.

Bruce Duewer: The Exchange Variant
Bruce Duewer provides us with a player's guide and rules for his new Economic Exchange Variant, a variant that combines ideas from the Payola and Bourse variants.

Tim Miller: White, Broadcast Press
Tim Miller continues his series on various press settings, this time tackling white broadcast press.

Brian Kieslich: Reindeer Games
Bet you didn't know that Christmas almost didn't happen last year. Luckily, we at The Pouch were here to help save the day. Can you duplicate the feat?

Brian Kieslich: Solution to the Cryptic Postcard Puzzle
The solution to another puzzle from an earlier issue. You can finally find out who was spying on whom.

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