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The Diplomatic Pouch is proud to have received a number of awards and rave reviews from all around the Net. To acknowledge the sites which have recognized The Pouch (and to feed our own egos), we happily present the laurels which have been cast our way. If you know of any other site which has taken notice of The Pouch, don't hesitate to let us know.

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... And What They're Saying

(The top few are off of "regular" peoples' pages, but they
were so amusing we just couldn't pass them up)

SiteExcerpt from Review
United Kingdom
Diplomacy page
"I worry for the sanity of the people responsible for [The Diplomatic Pouch]. Surely this is an unhealthy obsession.... Still, it's an excellent page."
A Poor Sweet Innocent's
Diplomacy Page
"Now you just cannot get by in the Diplomacy world without the great and forever loved Diplomatic Pouch!!!"
Brian Fleck's
Diplomacy page
"Anybody interested in seeing how NUTZO into this game you can get can check out The Diplomatic Pouch."
WebCrawler Select AOL NetFind "Whether you're already a distinguished Diphead or entirely new to this world of secret alliances, empire building, and brazen backstabbing, you'll find the information you seek in The Diplomatic Pouch."
The Net "This site has instructions and resources for e-mail Diplomacy, as well as a regularly published zine with various articles about strategy and rules.... A well-designed site with lots of content."
Gonzo's E-zines "... the multi-faceted Internet home page for Hasbro's game of Diplomacy. Players of the game will find in the pages of The Pouch a wide variety of useful articles."
NETLiNkS "Extensive Internet resource for players of the game of Diplomacy."
YPN "Published by Diplomacy legend Manus Hand [I had to excerpt that one], the Diplomatic Pouch is ... full of useful articles for Diplomacy newbies and veterans alike. No serious student of the game should neglect a careful perusal of the Diplomatic Pouch...."
EXCITE NETSEARCH "The Web magazine for the players of Hasbro's Game of Diplomacy ... gives clues to smart moves...."
EXCITE NETSEARCH "Fans of Hasbro's Diplomacy game and its hybrids will find this ... invaluable."
Elsewhere Magazine "A Great site dealing with every possible aspect of Hasbro's Diplomacy. Nice one!"
Cosmic Site "If you're into face-to-face play, postal play or e-mail play, there's something here for you."
THE DIPLOMATIC ENVOY "A comprehensive resource of Diplomacy information.... Highly recommended."

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