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The Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Our Illustrious Founder muses on this, the Pouch Zine's gold-plated fiftieth issue!
Jeff Kase and Baron Powell: Ambition & Empire: A Diplomacy Variant
A new variant set in the aftermath of the Seven Years' War. Match wits with Frederick the Great and Maria Theresa of Austria, and discover the intriguing new concepts of Minor Powers and Diplomacy Points!
Jeff Kase and Baron Powell: The Development of Ambition & Empire
Jeff and Baron tell the story of how they created the A&E variant, from its beginnings to its present form.
Chris Dziedzic and Nick Higgins: Ambition & Empire: Denmark-Norway
In this first article in a new series on the A&E variant, Chris and Nick look at the strategies available to the new power of Denmark-Norway.
Douglas Kent: Reaching 50
Fresh from celebrating his own 100th issue, the Lead Editor of Diplomacy World shares a few thoughts on the Pouch's having reached the 50 issue landmark…
Arthur Bismark: Bismark Lecture II: The Bunny and the Pirahna
Which are you; fuzzy, or razor-toothed? The good (but slightly off-kilter) doctor makes a foray into the animal kingdom — or rather, the kingdom of animal metaphors.
Edi Birsan: Diplomacy: Starting to Play the Basics
Our revered EDItor Emeritus provides a list of three "P"s that every player should keep careful track of in their games.
Robert Skynner: Learn How to Use Finland
BTHQBGC maverick Robert Skynner provides three reasons why the Tsar should park his northern ships in Helsinki rather than venture out into the scary deep waters of the Gulf of Bothnia.
Edi Birsan: Playing Germany: To Be Kaiser or Bismarck, Part I
In this first of a two-part article, Edi discusses the diplomatic approaches and strategies a wise German ruler should pursue.
Peter Williams and Robert Skynner: The Bleeder and The Tory Bleeder
Not one, but two separate Zines are supported by the British Telecom Board Headquarters Board Games Club. Get a sampling of each of these friendly (?) rival publications.
Michael Alterio: In Defense of Quitters
In this unusual (and possibly controversial) article, Michael speaks up in defense of those who don't see the game through to the end. Get out there and quit!
Edi Birsan: The Diplomacy Olympics
If there were an Olympics for the Great Powers and their units, what would the events be? And can you guess who would place where? Read this article to find out!
Manus Hand: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
At long last, the solution to the crafty Sultan of Suwat's latest challenge. Once again, Holmes saves the day!
Baron Powell: Refining the Juggernaut, Part II
In this second part of his two-part article, Baron suggests a better and more streamlined approach to getting the most out of a Russo-Turkish alliance.
Chris Dziedzic: 1900: An Improved Juggernaut?
In the 1900 variant, an RT alliance can be unbalanced. In this article, Chris explores whether it can be made into a more equal partnership.
Sam Jones and Alex Ludwig: Frontline: Posing as a Non-Native Speaker
Is it acceptable to pretend you're playing in your second or third language when it's really your first? Or does that cross a line, even in Diplomacy?
Edi Birsan: Getting Started
One of the hobby's most experienced players gives valuable pointers to beginners, including how to organize a game, common errors NOT to commit, and tools for teaching it to others.
The Editor: Just Passing Through
Anouncements of new Diplomacy World issues, tournament results, and more!
Thorin Munro: Applying the Way of the Owl: Power Diplomacy
Thorin Munro discusses the different sources of power in Diplomacy, and how best you can apply each one.
James Handscombe: A Question of Timing
What you do is important; but so is when you do it. Timing is everything!
David Hunt: The Bohemian Crusher: A Neglected Italian Opening
Bored with the Lepanto? Let your green armies experience la vie Bohème with an opening that's sure to cause Archducal headaches.
James O'Fee: The First Game(s): How I Became A Diplomacy Addict
A distinguished veteran of the British/European hobby tells us how he got started on his path to infamy!
Edi Birsan: Running a Diplomacy Event: The Aftermath
It takes a lot of effort to host a Diplomacy tournament or convention; but even when the awards have been given out and everyone's gone home, the work isn't over quite yet!
Rohan Keane: Alliance Play
Rohan tallies up the advantages and problems of being in an alliance. Is there really strength in numbers?
Dave Simpson: In-con-ing! The Newbie's First Convention
This time, our newbie faces off with the Diplomats at ManorCon, in England. Find out how he fared, and what the experience was like.
Stephen Knewtson: Machiavelli: the Crash Course
Everything you need to know to start playing this variant of Diplomacy, featuring bribery, assassination, famine, and plague. What more can you ask for, my Prince?
Mark Berch: The Central Alliance for Germany
In this reprint from Diplomacy World's fiftieth issue, Mark examines the advantages of a Dreikaiserbund from Germany's point of view. Was Bismarck right?
The Editors and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Mail! Find out what our readers are thinking…

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