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Spring 1995 Movement Issue

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Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Publication, subscription, and contribution information, and details on this and the next issue.
Jamie Dreier: Running Newbie E-Mail Games
The Master of Mastering Mastered games for those yet to master the masterpiece which is Diplomacy discusses his craft.
Dan Shoham: The Diplomacy Academy
The consummate diplomat's regular feature on strategy and tactics takes off with his insightful look at two supposedly diametrically opposed methods of play, and how each can produce a similar result.
Stephen Lepley: Incoming! Observations From a Newbie
Stephen entered the Diplomacy hobby about the same time this 'zine was birthed. He's decided to let us follow his progress in his regular column.
Pitt Crandlemire: The Big Dipper
Pitt's regular appearances will concern themselves with in-depth discussions on the various locales on the board. His topic this first issue is that favorite of all resort sites, The Black Sea.
Nick Fitzpatrick: An Interview With Ken Lowe
Nick Fitzpatrick, whose own contributions to the hobby stagger the mind, interviews the Calhamer of the PBEM game, judge creator Ken Lowe.
The Readership: Pouch Deposits
My chance to ramble on, and your chance to yell back at me for doing so. Yes, my friends, this is the letters column.
Jamie Dreier: Master Class
Jamie Dreier starts his "Master Class" series by explaining one of the facts about the game which prove most puzzling to newcomers -- the lack of any opening theory.
John Woolley: Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Diplomat
John opens this regular puzzle column with a true gem brought to and tackled by the master detective.
Manus Hand: Missing Man Diplomacy
Why play a lesser game just because you're short-handed? With the Missing Man rules, you don't need seven players to make for an interesting game.
Danny Loeb: Diplomacy Openings by Computer
Danny Loeb discusses techniques used for the selection of opening moves by a computer playing engine.
Vincent Mous: The Diplomacy Survival Guide
Vince checks in with his top ten tips for the newly infected. Maybe you won't win as often as you'd like, but using Vince's techniques, you might at least survive a bit longer. Mind you, Vince makes no guarantees, though.
Agar and Nelson: Problems in Fantasy Variant Creation
Mark Nelson, your variant columnist, kicks off his regular appearances with this compendium of useful information for the aspiring creator of Diplomacy variants based on fantasy novels.
Danny Loeb: Challenges in Multiplayer Gaming by Computers
Danny Loeb updates us on the effort to program a computer to outplay us. His article discusses the theoretical basis of multiplayer gaming by computer, and then delves into some of the details of the Bordeaux diplomat, your future mortal enemy.
Nelson and Agar: Elric of Melnibone: Young Kingdoms Variants
Mark continues his stream of contributions on the world of variants with descriptions and discussions of the variants inspired by the Elric fantasy novels.
Mark Nelson: Through The Looking Glass
Mark Nelson's regular summary of the recent discussion on the Diplomacy Internet group.
Simon Szykman: Dedicated to the Game
Simon Szykman delves into the dedication point system used in judge play, offering information, analysis, and suggestions for the future.

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