The Diplomatic Pouch Shortcuts

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Spring 1995 Retreat Issue

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Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
Publication, subscription, and contribution information, and details on this and the next issue.
Danny Loeb The Diplomacy Programming Project
Danny keeps us up to date on the DPP with this in depth discussion of its observation module.
Blast From The Past How Many Openings Are There?
From the annals of 'zines past, an article found in the hobby archives. This issue, we head for the days of yore and delve into the problem of counting up the openings.
Simon Szykman Diplomacy: An Historical Perspective
Ever wonder what people did before they could play Diplomacy? Simon did some exhaustive research and found that even in the years Before Calhamer (B.C.), people played the game. Honest.
Danny Loeb Computer Analysis of Diplomacy Openings
Danny turns the Bordeaux Diplomat loose on the first move of the game which accompanies this magazine.
Manus Hand Welcome Back, Diplomacy World
A blatant plug from the DP publisher for the paper 'zine whose return to publication should be hailed by us all.
Stephen Lepley Incoming! More from a Diplomacy Newbie
Stephen continues relating for us his impressions of the hobby. This time, he lists the lessons his first couple games have taught him -- some of them hard-learned lessons.
Danny Loeb 1901: A Diplomatic Odyssey
With apologies to Stanley Kubrick, Danny Loeb takes the automated Bordeaux diplomat on a quick trip where no one has gone before.
The Readership: Pouch Deposits
In case the letters column didn't bore you enough in its premiere, here I go again for all you gluttons for punishment. There is some good news, though; at least this time there are a few letters from the readership to alleviate the pain of slogging through the publisher's tiresome tirade.
Simon Szykman: The Backseat Driver Variant
Simon regales us with a discussion of a new press variant, allowing the powers to be pushed around -- er, advised -- by backseat drivers.

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