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Spring 1997 Movement Issue

Guest Editor: About The Diplomatic Pouch
With Manus away in Sweden at World DipCon VII, you get the pleasure of Simon's company this time around.

Amos Anon: No Holds Barred
Amos tells us the story of a recent game among friends. Doubtless we've all found ourselves in similar circumstances, but it's worth a read nonetheless.

Edi Birsan: The Sealion Opening
Edi, one of the most-respected names in the hobby and an openings pioneer (inventor of the Lepanto, for example) describes the Sealion, a deadly Franco-German opening that aims straight for the heart of England.

Simon Szykman: Results of the Diplomatic Pouch Survey
If you're half as curious as we were about the Pouch readership, you'll head for Simon's summary of the reader survey and read it...well...half as fast as we did, I guess.

Joseph Wheeler: On Diplomacy
One of the all-time classic works on warfare is taken apart chapter by chapter in a fruitful and useful search for those items applicable to The Game. The first three of a planned eight articles that will cover Clausewitz's On War from end to end provide for excellent and informative reading.

Blast From The Past: Mark Nelson Interviews Andrew England
Some seven years ago, Mark Nelson cornered Andrew England, a leading light and important personage in the Australian hobby, and took down his interesting history and insights into the Diplomacy world as it existed at that time.

Nick Fitzpatrick: Boardman and Miller Numbers
Nick gives us the rundown on what these numbers (mysterious to the uninitiated) are, their history, and why they exist.

Andy Schwarz: Diplomacy Paradoxes
Diplomacy is a simple game, but over the years, some nefarious little problems have been exposed. Andy takes us on a tour of some of the latest discoveries, and discusses why paradoxes exist and what should be done about them.

John Pitre: Diplomacy Royale
Ever wondered why the number of female Diplomacy players is so low compared to males? Maybe it's because until John Pitre came along, the game just didn't offer enough pain of childbirth. His Royale variant addresses this deficiency nicely.

John Pearson: When the Iron Curtain Falls
A mass alliance is the easiest way to eliminate another player, true? Read John's object lesson to be reminded of the disadvantages of gang violence.

Vincent Mous: Forza Italia -- Italy in the Modern Variant
Vince reaches the halfway point in his series of articles on openings and strategies for the powers in the Modern variant. This article presents an in-depth analysis of Italy.

Geoff Bache: Heptarchy and Bretwalda: Twin Variants Based on Ancient Britain
Geoff gives us an update on insights obtained from Heptarchy games that have been played, and introduces a new variant which also takes place in Ancient Britain.

Dan Shoham: The Diplomacy Academy
Dan continues his Academy series with his analysis of the game "Barney" -- a game which he lost but had quite an adventure doing it.

1996 People's Diplomacy Organization Relief Auction
Here is the 1996 PDORA Auction booklet. Each year PDORA auctions off donated items to raise money for needy Diplomacy hobby services. Take a look, there may be something you want to bid on!

The Guest Editor and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Right out of the mailreader, read what the readers write.

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