Devolution Diplomacy Map

Jack Rudd, scan by Andrew Rose

Note: the starting positions are all marked on the map. Just in case this isn't clear, here they are:

Anglia: Army Cambridge, Army Ipswich, Fleet Norwich
Cornwall: Army Bournemouth, Fleet Truro, Army Yeovil
Irish Republic: Fleet Cork, Fleet Dublin, Fleet Sligo
London: Army Brighton, Fleet Dover, Army London
Middle England: Army Birmingham, Fleet Gloucester, Army Leicester, Army Skegness
Scotland: Army Edinburgh, Fleet Glasgow, Fleet Inverness
Wales: Army Cardiff, Fleet Swansea, Army Wrexham
Yorkshire: Fleet Blackpool, Army Leeds, Army Middlesbrough, Army York

Apologies for anything unclear. To resolve ambiguities, consult the province list. Here are the unclear bits of the map I spotted:

The land province next to Dieppe is called "Normandy".
The sea space bordering Gloucester is called "Severn".
The Middle English territories are hard to distinguish from neutrals: Just so you're clear, the former consist of: Birmingham, Gloucester, Leicester, Skegness, Edge Hill, Lincoln Wolds, Peak District, Welland and Wenlock Edge.