Library of Diplomacy Tactics

Matthew Self

As in the game of Go, Diplomacy openings can be analyzed and tabulated for specific regions of the board. In Go these opening patterns are called joseki, and many books of joseki have been published. The Diplomatic Pouch already has its own library of Diplomacy joseki in the Diplomacy Openings Library.

The Go literature also describes and catalogues the best tactical moves for specific positions which arise frequently. These are called tesuji, and are the focus of the present article. I have tried to collect all of the practical tips and tricks that might help you reach that next level of tactical play.

A player can advance beyond Intermediate by mastering all of these tricks,
or beyond Beginner by comprehending many of the tricks.
--Jamie Dreier

Many of these tactics are simple, but I felt that there was a gap between the expert commentary I read in the Diplomatic Pouch and some of the tactical missteps I have witnessed in the games I play. Whatever your level, I hope you'll find something of value inside.

Section 1: Giving and Cutting Supports
Section 2: Retreats and Adjustments
Section 3: Fleets and Convoys
Tactics Problems
Matthew Self
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