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Winter 1996 Adjustment Issue

Your Publisher: About The Diplomatic Pouch
This issue of The Pouch starts out, as is tradition, with a rambling discourse by your blithering idiot of a publisher.

The Big Dipper: The Asia Variant
The reigning world champion analyzes the judges' "Asia" variant, giving you his opinions on the map, the playability of the powers, and even some suggestions for a new Asia.

Tarzan: A User's Guide to Payola Diplomacy (first in a series)
Like so many people, "Tarzan" has fallen in love with Payola Diplomacy, and he has, in fact, forecast some of the planned enhancements to the game. In reading his planned article series, which introduces the game from the ground up and which will takes it into its future, the Payola player is sure to pick up some useful tips.

Roland Isaksson: In Search of the American Continent
Roland, one of the best face-to-face players in the world, regales us with his account of the recent World Diplomacy Convention, which had the happy effect of proving to him, once and for all, that we Americans actually exist.

Douglas Massey: An Annotated No-Press Game
Nearly the first question out of the mouth of most people entering the hobby is whether there is such a thing as what Doug Massey provides here. The answer has been no until now, but here is Doug's first-hand account of a game he played, with in-depth discussions of events and his feelings at each and every phase!

The Publisher and the Readership: Pouch Deposits
Letters! Get your letters here! Correspondence with The Pouch proved fairly wide-ranging this time, with topics covering everything from how great your publisher's Pouch is to how well he played at World DipCon. (Any guess as to who puts this article together?)

Larry Peery: The Diplomacy Emotion Survey
How do you feel when you play a game of Diplomacy? Ever wondered if this makes you a certain type of player? If other players are suppressing certain emotions to aid in their play? Larry sets out to answer these and other questions. Help him out by filling out the survey.

Simon Szykman: Bridging the Gaps Between Diplomacy Communities
Still on his mission to foster communication between the different Diplomacy player communities, Simon gives us a piece of his mind, leaving him with precious little left for himself.

Dan Shoham: The Diplomacy Academy
Dan's continuing article series now takes us to the Chaos (34 player!) game "fools." Anyone who has ever wondered about the dynamics of a Chaos game but who has never seen fit to find out first hand is sure to find what they need here!

Vincent Mous: The Fourth Reich? Germany in the Modern Variant
Vince's continuing series on the powers in his Modern Diplomacy variant moves on to Berlin for an in-depth discussion of German openings and play.

Clinton Wolf: Juggernauty
Clinton Wolf, who has now been appointed (without his knowledge) to the new post of Dip Pouch Poet Laureate, joins the ranks with this light-hearted admonition against that danger of dangers, the juggernaut.

Larry Peery: The Black Side of the Snow
Larry, ever the driving force behind the face-to-face hobby, provides all the unusable excuses you could ask for concerning why you cannot attend the next World Diplomacy Convention.

Regittko, Dreier, and Schwarz: Tips From the Masters
This team effort first appeared as a broadcast in a game run by Bruce Regittko, and includes valuable assistance for the Internet judge player from a trio of experienced players.

Various: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction
Culled from recent postings, here can be found a collection of true game stories from a host of your past and future allies and enemies.

Simon Szykman: The Pouch in 1997
Simon, who consistently keeps the Pouch running smoothly, outlines the second annual facelift given to your favorite site. Read this to find out how your own input (through our readership survey) shaped the recent remodeling of The Pouch, and get a preview of some of the other things that are in store for the near future.

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