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Diplomacy Rulebook (4th Edition (C) 2000 Hasbro)
Finally online from Hasbro/Avalon Hill!
The netnews newsgroup devoted to the game of Diplomacy.

Openings Library
The Pouch's comprehensive library of opening moves in Diplomacy.

Library of Diplomacy Tactics
The Pouch's library of some of the more essential tactics with which all Diplomacy players should be familiar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists
Two different FAQs. These are must-read documents for newcomers to Diplomacy or the r.g.d. newsgroup.

Diplomacy Buyer's Guide
A periodically-updated guide with information on where to buy old and new editions of the Diplomacy boardgame, and the software version of the game.

Diplomacy Maps
The maps page here at The Pouch can supply you with any of over 300 maps in a multitude of formats for the standard game and a bunch of popular variants.

Diplomacy Mapping Software
The mapping software page has links to many Diplomacy mapping tools that run on a variety of platforms.

Diplomacy Variants
The Pouch's variants page has links to pages covering over 170 different variants.

Strategy and Tactics Articles
Links to well over 200 articles that will help you improve your Diplomacy game. The list includes articles on how to play each power, opening strategies, the endgame, and much more, as well as a list of articles on how to play various Diplomacy variants.
One of the largest archives of Diplomacy-related articles available online on all kinds of Diplomacy topics. And the list is growing.

The Diplomacy Subject Index
The Diplomacy Subject Index, maintained by Simon Szykman, is a comprehensive index, organized alphabetically by subject, covering all the major topics related to the PBEM diplomacy hobby. If you need the answer to a question, the index should be able to tell you where to find it.

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