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The Judge FAQ
Answers to frequently asked questions relating to the use of the Internet Diplomacy Judges.

Diplomacy Judge User Manuals
Essential reading for PBEM Diplomacy players and contains everything you need to know to participate in PBEM games.

Judge help file list
This is a list of the PBEM judge Diplomacy information files. These HTML versions are identical to the plain-text counterparts available by FTP or by email from the judges but are nicer-looking and full of hyperlinks and anchors.

Judge registration page
Register with any of the PBEM judges from this page.

Judge game listings explained
A description of the information you'll find on a judge game listing.

Judge Openings List: long version or shortform
This is a list of all the openings on all the public judges, automatically updated every few hours. The list has undergone a number of revisions since its inception and is currently maintained by Bjorn Tore Sund.

Diplomacy Game Queues
Using this page, you can either sign up to get on a queue to play or GM a specific type of game using one of the Internet judges.

The Penultimate Guide to Being a GM
Dean A. Gordon tells you all you need to know to get started with GMing PBEM judge games.

Judge address list
An extensive list of past and presently active judge addresses.

EP House Rules
The Electronic Protocol House Rules, originally created by the now-defunct EPCC, under which most PBEM games run.

Guide to Real-Time Diplomacy
Using a judge to play a one-day game can be difficult to arrange. Andy Schwarz and Eric N. Coffey have begun to codify the procedures used for real-time judge play. This guide is designed to make it easy for interested players to learn the essentials before the mad scramble to get a real-time Diplomacy game going.

Njudge Project Home Page
This is the home page for the Njudge Project. This web site has a link to the latest (and prior) versions of the Diplomacy Judge code for UNIX and Linux platforms, and also includes information on which versions of the code are installed on which Diplomacy judges, archives of the Njudge mailing list.

Other Diplomacy Source Codes
Source code for various diplomacy-related software, including mapit (for producing maps from judge output), dipgrep (for performing searches through the Hall of Fame) a DOS adjudicator, and more. This site also has source code for the Diplomacy Judges, but people looking for more recent code should refer to the Njudge Project home page (see previous link).

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