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    Report on Germany

    Number of wins:0
    Number of 3-way draws:1
    Number of 4-way draws:1
    Number of 5-way draws:0
    Number of eliminations:17

    Most Used Opening:Schleiffen Plan, Naval Variant,5 times
    Second Most Used Openings:Western Offensive, Danish Variant4 times
    Lebensraum, Baltic Variant
    Anschluss, Naval Variant

    Germany's record is the worst in finished games to date, tied with Ukraine behind France. Nonetheless, I think Germany has a good position on the board, and this was just the luck of the draw. If one looks at ongoing games, Germany is doing well indeed. I wouldn't even be surprised to see 3 German wins in the near future.

    Even more than France, Germany has seen a large variety of openings. In all games but one in which Germany has tied or is currently in first place though, Germany has started off by either attacking Italy (moving Munich to Austria) or France (moving Munich to Alsace). Does this mean an aggressive Germany has more chance of success in Modern?

    Opening Statistics

    Here is an updated list of games and openings used by Germany:

    Modern Games in Progress

    GameOpening UsedYear# SCsPlacement
    GdanskPax Germanica (Baltic V)2010311st
    Gun1994Axis (Bavarian V)2007281st
    ThisthatWestern Offensive (Dutch V)2004271st
    MinskVaterland (Austrian V)2014211st
    EricVaterland (Swiss V)199791st
    NorwayLebensraum (Baltic V)199681st
    Modern5Anschluss (Coastal V)1998111st tied
    HamburgWestern Offensive (Baltic V)2001122nd tied
    MilosAxis (Rhine V)199882nd tied
    Asterix Le GauloisHeligoland Shell (Austrian V)199542nd tied
    HryvnaAtlantic Wall (Baltic V) 199542nd tied
    RenardFranco-German Accord (Hamburg V)199542nd tied
    Modhof96Lebensraum (Baltic V)1999113rd
    ModernLebensraum (Baltic V)2000103rd
    Modt97bThe Keg (Coastal V)199993rd
    OoAnschluss (Naval V)199983rd
    Spring96Heligoland Shell (Swiss V)199983rd
    NatoWestern Offensive (Baltic V)2006143rd tied
    Izmir2Western Offensive (Danish V)200174th tied
    SardAnschluss (Naval V)200684th tied
    Taunt3Pax Germanica (Danish V)200174th tied
    PerotVaterland (Austrian V)200685th
    Euro96Schleiffen Plan (Naval V)200665th
    AuroraAnschluss (Coastal V)200645th
    FrontlinAnschluss (Naval V)200225th
    Norm11Lebensraum (Coastal V)199958th
    ModgameWestern Offensive (Baltic V)199929th
    Euro97Bismarck (Rhine V)1997410th
    Modt97aSchleiffen Plan (Naval V)20013 10th
    Academy4Western Offensive (Danish V)2009-elim.
    DetailsVaterland (Swiss V)2014-elim.
    MilanBismarck (Rhine V)2013-elim.
    OdessaVaterland (Swiss V)2019-elim.
    SpadesPax Germanica (Coastal V) *2002-elim.
    * Ordered A Munich S A Frankfurt -> Ruhr instead of A Munich HOLD.

    Finished Games

    GameOpening UsedYear# SCsPlacement
    DickensAlpine GambitEFG 2015272nd
    DesireAnschluss (Coastal V)GSTU 2008301st
    RostovSchleiffen Plan (Naval V)I 2015122nd tied
    SpartikuAlpine GambitP 200424th tied
    LiarliarLebensraum (Baltic V)T 200745th
    Day2dayWestern Offensive (Dutch V)R 200726th
    BlitzzRhine ChargeBEP 2017-elim.
    BuchananWestern Offensive (Danish V)BEPSU 2022-elim.
    CairoLebensraum (Coastal V)SPIT 2010-elim.
    DespairSchleiffen Plan (Naval V)FIR 2012-elim.
    Euro95Prussian GambitERT 2023-elim.
    IzmirWestern Offensive (Dutch V)EIS 2005-elim.
    KatrasSchleiffen Plan (Naval V)BIPT 2012-elim.
    Lie2meBismarck (Austrian V) T 2007-elim.
    LyonScandinavian SqueezeBPST 2011-elim.
    SevilleSchleiffen Plan (Naval V)I 2014-elim.

    Openings List

    You can read about German openings in my previous article on Germany, The Fourth Reich. Of those, the Pax Germanica (Coastal V), the Franco-German Accord (Rhine V), the Atlantic Wall (Danish V), the Keg, the Schleiffen Plan (Coastal V), the Rhine Charge, the Czech Gambit and Barbarossa openings have never been used. Openings not mentioned in the article are given below.

    Please note that the Anschluss, Baltic Variant, opening has been removed, as it is the same opening as the Keg, Baltic Variant. The corrected Anschluss opening is given below as well.


    Germany: Fleet Berlin -> Bornholm Sea. (Naval Variant)
    Germany: Fleet Berlin -> Hamburg. (Coastal Variant)
    Germany: Army Munich -> Austria.
    Germany: Fleet Hamburg -> Holland.
    Germany: Army Frankfurt -> Saxony.

    "A strong push east might be interesting, but doesn't seem to offer many rewards. It might start with an Anschluss of Austria ... This might alienate Italy, Poland & Russia, so France & Britain would be good allies."

    - Ian York

    "Can't think of a good application, unless Balkan dominance is your goal. Probably good if in concert with I and U and if E and F are friendly."

    - Nate Johnston

    Franco-German Accord, Hamburg Variant

    Germany: Fleet Berlin -> Bornholm Sea.
    Germany: Army Munich SUPPORT French Army Lyon -> Switzerland.
    Germany: Fleet Hamburg -> Holland.
    Germany: Army Frankfurt -> Hamburg.

    Germany moves Frankfurt to Hamburg instead of the Ruhr, enabling her to support a move into Denmark instead of Belgium. Germany could also take Denmark and bounce Russia out of Sweden, so this opening is somewhat anti-Russian.

    Heligoland Shell

    Germany: Fleet Berlin -> Bornholm Sea.
    Germany: Army Munich -> Austria. (Austrian Variant)
    Germany: Army Munich -> Switzerland. (Swiss Variant)
    Germany: Fleet Hamburg -> Heligoland Bight.
    Germany: Army Frankfurt -> Ruhr.

    Germany moves to three neutral spaces that surround it (Heligoland, Bornholm and Ruhr) as well as one of Switzerland and Austria. This leaves Germany with many options in the fall. Ruhr can go to either Belgium or Holland, or defend Munich. Bornholm Sea can move back to Berlin or on to Denmark or Sweden, either to block Russia, or take it if Russia didn't move towards it. Likewise, Hamburg can take either Holland or Denmark. A defensive opening which can still allow Germany to take 4 SCs in 1995.

    The Keg, Coastal Variant or The Split (Rob Serandos)

    Germany: Fleet Berlin -> Hamburg.
    Germany: Army Munich -> Austria.
    Germany: Fleet Hamburg -> Denmark.
    Germany: Army Frankfurt -> Saxony.

    Germany moves Berlin to Hamburg instead of the Bornholm Sea. This will allow her to move the fleet on towards Holland rather than launch a supported attack on Sweden. Russia can still be bounced out of Sweden, so this opening is still slightly anti-Russian, but less so than the double move to Bornholm Sea and Denmark of the original Naval Variant.

    "The Split (so-called because of the general movement of units in opposite directions).
    This pro-French opening is a bit risky. If France opens to Alsacia and Switzerland, the Fall could see Britain order the North Sea to Holland, and France order Alsacia to Munich with support from Switzerland, but by leaving Belgium wide open, Germany hopes France will try for that center rather than attacking an anti-Italian Germany. The move to Saxony could be interpreted as hostile by Poland, but since a fleet did not enter the Bornholm Sea, Poland should not worry. The fleet in Denmark can support Russia to Sweden in the Fall, setting up an anti-Britain coalition if Russia makes a strong move north/west with his opening."

    - Rob Serandos


    Germany: Fleet Berlin -> Hamburg.
    Germany: Army Munich HOLD.
    Germany: Fleet Hamburg -> Holland.
    Germany: Army Frankfurt -> Berlin.

    Three German units remain within Germany in the spring of 1995 as Germany opens neutrally and vies to take Holland and Denmark, while defending itself from a possible initial Polish attack by moving to Berlin.

    Pax Germanica, Danish Variant

    Germany: Fleet Berlin -> Hamburg.
    Germany: Army Munich HOLD.
    Germany: Fleet Hamburg -> Denmark.
    Germany: Army Frankfurt -> Ruhr.

    Germany moves the Hamburg fleet to Denmark instead of Holland ensuring the capture of Denmark instead of Belgium. Holland is still a sure thing, as Berlin and Ruhr can support each other in, but Ruhr can be bounced out of Belgium by either Britain or France.

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