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The Judge Openings list

Welcome to the Judge Openings List. This list, which is part of the Diplomatic Pouch, provides information on openings in games that are either forming, or which need replacement players. The following pages provide access to the openings:

- Judge Openings - Long form
This list is sorted by judge, and contains all available information about each game, complete with links to listings of each game, and maps of each game.
- Openings list - shortform
This listed is sorted by game variant, and contains some data about each game, but with links to listings of each game.
- Off-judge openings list
A (short) list of games run by human GMs, outside of the judge system.
- The Real-time Diplomacy FAQ
The openings list doesn't usually list Real-Time games, the FAQ explains how to participate in them.

Openings by e-mail

Copies of some of these are also available via mail. Send mail to [email protected] to get the information sent to you.

Maps at the Openings List

All maps included in the Openings List are in the PostScript format. Because these maps are scalable, they provide a high level of detail combined with a small size. Since this is not easily realized with pixel-based graphics formats, there are no plans to include maps in other formats such as PNG.

One set of tools for looking at PostScript maps are the GhostScript interpreter and its related viewers.

Attributions and thank-you's

The openings list would not be available if Sean Starkey and Brad Stuart had not created the initial code to compile it, and if Bjørn Tore Sund and then Hans de Graaff had not kept it going for many years. Thank you!

The openings list also owes a big thank-you to David Kovar for donating the equipment and network connectivity for hosting the Openings List (and all of the Pouch).

Happy gaming!

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The Openings List is maintained by Millis Miller ([email protected]).